School Resources

  • Included on this page is an array of resources to help our families find important information and stay engaged in their child's learning.

    Families and Students
    Below are links to some of the most important information you’ll need as you prepare your child for a rewarding experience in Cincinnati Public Schools.

    CPS Parent and Student Forms
    Student Dining Services
    Severe Weather Procedures

    Technology Tools
    Echo — Aiken's educational platform

    PowerSchool — PowerSchool is the computer system used by Cincinnati Public Schools to keep track of student information, including grades and attendance. It helps parents be an active part of their children's education and keep track of academic progress on a daily basis.

    Schoology (pronounced "Skoo-luh-jee") Communication Tool Now Available — This integrated learning-management solution gives students, parents and teachers a new and easy way to connect and communicate.

    Google Workspace for Education — CPS has adopted Google Workspace for Education as a key tool for student learning. Google Workspace for Education is a web-based suite of programs provided by Google for schools to use. All Google Workspace services can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    Naviance — A software tool for career planning, Naviance helps students achieve three primary goals: Get to know themselves, explore possibilities and take action.

    Putting our Technology Tools to Work
    Our world is driven by technology. Digital devices and software add a dynamic element that keeps students interested and provide access to tools that prepare them for the future.

    Activities and Clubs
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    Title One
    About Title One at Aiken.