Clubs and Activities

  • Academic Team

    Love trivia? Love competition? Love hanging out with good people? The Academic Team has it all! The Academic Team meets on Mondays after school to stretch some brains and have a lot of fun. Students will compete in teams and head off against other schools in CPS. Come join us!

    Art Club

    With Ms. New, students experience a unique exposure to a variety of artistic media and works by famous artists. During after-school and small group lunch settings, students have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and have their work displayed in a constructive peer environment.

    Students can create many different types of materials and resources to supplement classroom and independent projects.

    Astronomy Club

    Students in the Astronomy Club learn how to use a telescope and accessories donated by Cincinnati Observatory to safely view exciting objects in the sky including the sun, moon, planets, and stars. We also plan activities that will get others interested in astronomy including creating a hallway display, making T-shirts, and hosting star parties for families and friends.

    At the end of the school year, students in Astronomy Club have the opportunity to apply for their own free $500+ telescope and accessories. 

    Bike Club

    If you’ve ever wondered what clubs to try but don’t think they’ll be exciting, give Bike Club a shot. Bike Club is all about learning about the various parts of the bike– and in that club you will disassemble the bike and learn how to reassemble it, essentially learning how the bike works. It’s a learning experience and the ability to put a bike back together. Come learn with us! 

    Bowling Club

    Want to do something a little different on your weekends?  The Bowling Club might be right up your alley. 

    Led by Aiken Alumni Jerry Grove, the Bowling Club meets on Saturdays between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Madison Bowl Madisonville.

    Anyone could join by contacting Mr. Grove at Have fun and enjoy everyone. Everyone can create their own expectations for what they want and the ability to create their own vision for their future. Positive Vibes Only.

    Chess Club

    This fall, come check out the Chess Team to learn about playing chess and play some chess matches. This club stands out because it can help students’ thinking and logical skills. Students can also build the skills of patience, sportsmanship, and teamwork. 

    There are no requirements to be in Chess Club except you must be able to stay quiet so students can concentrate as they play their matches. You also must be willing to play with many different people. Chess Club is open to all grades.


    Did you know that colleges are awarding scholarships for good gaming skills? Esports is a club that makes new, emerging tech available to Aiken students. 

    ESports members are part of a team. Members play video games and are awarded scholarships for their skills. They will play against teams from other schools. The games include Fortnite, Volrant, Call of Duty, and others.

    Journalism Club

    Here we write articles about everything going on at our school. From school IDs to football games, there are countless things to write about. 

    Most recently, we are working with the Cincinnati Bengals to hone our journalism craft. Their Senior Editor, Geoff Hobson, gives us the opportunities to come and interview Bengals players at community events. After interviewing players and participants, student essays are published on the Bengals Website.

    Check out our new website at

    Karate Club

    Karate is a Japanese Martial Art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counterattacking body movements. Karate Club students gain confidence, develop character, and  learn self-defense by building up reflexes which will enable them to stand up to life-changing situations.

    RAK Club

    The Random Acts of Kindness Club, also known as RAK, is a club that mostly focuses on doing good for the community. The Random Acts of Kindness takes on many forms, including supporting teachers, doing Christmas raffles, and giving shirts in recognition of appreciation. 

    Like the name implies,the activities they do are random so they never know what they’re going to do next!

    Speak Up Speak Out

    SPEAK UP SPEAK OUT is a club that gives everyone a chance to change something that they believe can be made better in their school and/or their community. It is a chance for you to be heard and speak up about change.

    Meetings touch topics that Aiken students feel are important and need addressing. You should join the club because YOUR VOICE MATTERS and you should use it to SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT.

    Tech Club

    This year at Aiken High School, the Tech Club is learning Python coding, flying drones, learning about Air Mobility Ambassadors, 3D printing, and was vital for setting up the tech that will become the Esports lab at Aiken.