New Tech at Aiken Offers a Rich Curriculum

  • Aiken is breathing new life into the traditional educational system. We believe that English and social studies are a natural fit to be taught as one course. Math and engineering are like two peas in a pod. At Aiken you will find numerous courses that are taught by two teachers of different subjects. 

    Aside from co-taught courses, we are ramping up our existing Advanced Placement program, broadening our arts options, and expanding the number of world languages offered. The whole educational experience is growing at Aiken.

    Below are the number of courses we offer that go beyond what is required, making New Tech at Aiken unique.


    • CCP PreCalculus

    • Precalculus

    • Physics

    • Technical Math

    • Probability and Statistics


    • Biology

    • Environmental Science

    • Anatomy and Physiology

    • Chemistry

    Social Studies 

    • AP US Government

    • AP Psychology

    • AP Human Geography

    • CCP US History

    • Financial Literacy/Public Issues

    Language Arts

    • AP Language and Composition

    • Journalism Production

    • Time to Speak

    World Languages

    • AP Spanish

    • Spanish

    • France


    • Art

    • Band

    • Choir

    • Digital Multimedia

    • Music Production

    • Theater

    Other Electives

    • AP Computer Science Principles

    • JROTC

    • JCG (Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates)

    • Business/Entrepreneurship