• The middle school program is designed to be the STEM foundation to prepare our students for high school AA course work. In our continuous efforts to build a complete STEM curriculum we are incorporating the following three principles: 

    • An integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics
    • Classroom projects that address real-world issues through exploration, inquiry and problem-solving experiences
    • And student work that regularly requires critical thinking, creativity, effective collaboration, research skills and communication

    Engineering & Technology together are the building blocks for all academic courses in our middle school program. It’s what makes STEM different from regular science, technology and math instruction. Good STEM curriculum puts a heavy focus on the engineering design process — an organized method of approaching and solving problems.

    Project Lead The Way Gateway to Technology

    Project Lead The Way Gateway To Technology (our middle school career tech classes) provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to make an informed decision about their future. Students can choose careers from one of four pathways offered at Hughes: Engineering, Biomedical, Information Technology and Plant and Animal Sciences at the Cincinnati Zoo. We expose students to a variety of challenges and experiences that engage students and require them to take ownership of their learning. As part of the District's My Tomorrow Initiative, we will strive to prepare students for a different and ever changing world.

    Courses for Middle School Students:

    7th Grade Courses

    • Pre­Algebra 7 AA
    • English 7 AA
    • Science 7 AA
    • Social Studies 7 AA: World Studies from 750 B.C. to 1600 A.D.: Ancient Greece to the First Global Age
    • 7th PLTW ‐ Provides the foundational elements for early exploration of our career pathways offered at Hughes starting their junior year.

    8th Grade Courses:

    • 8th PLTW ‐ Expands the ideas learned in the 7th grade PLTW course
    • Algebra I AA
    • Social Studies 8 AA
    • English 8 AA
    • Physical Science AA