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  • Phone: 513-363-4900
    Fax: 513-363-4920
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 6100 Desmond Street, Cincinnati, OH 45227

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      Administration/Office Personnel

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      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email Sort Order
      Daniel Trujillo Principal 513-363-4900
      Vanessa Kelly Senior Support Specialist 513-363-4925
      Catherine Ackerson Teacher 513-363-4932
      Carl Truman Teacher 513-363-4931
      Jovana james Custodian 513-363-4998
      Kaylee Taylor Paraprofessional 513-363-4900
      Kenneth Jackson Teacher 513-363-4928
      Kevin Shaw School Psychologist 513-363-4913
      Elissa Veite Teacher
      Heidi Maiden School Social Worker 513-363-4926
      Caitlin Taylor Teacher 513-363-4930
      Catrice Tillman Building Engineer 513-363-4998
      Larke Roth-Kramer Teacher 513-363-4930
      Lee Smith Security Officer 513-363-4923
      Manal Bukahri Teacher 513-363-4927

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