• Freestore Foodbank School Pantry

    The Freestore Foodbank School Pantry is now available at James N. Gamble Montessori High School. The school pantry is designed to provide onsite assistance for families with food insecurities. The pantry offers meal prep items, student-friendly snacks, health and hygiene items. Please contact Mrs. Hollis if you are in need.


    For required forms visit the District Website

    Ready to Learn

    The  Ready To Learn (RTL) program provides family-oriented school-based behavioral healthcare, academic enrichment, and support services for students, parents, and teachers. The activities strengthen students' social competencies, build protective factors and reduce barriers to learning, resulting in students' social-emotional growth that nurtures academic achievement. This program is a collaboration between Central Clinic and Gamble Montessori High School. The program provides and coordinates school-based behavior health services, social service activities, and academic enrichment opportunities. It is built on a learning support model, with the underlying belief that given adequate support, children can achieve academically and socially.

    Services are designed to enhance students strengths and reduce the risk factors that are barriers to learning, social-emotional growth, and academic achievement. Emphasis is placed on involving parents in their children's social life.

    Ready To Learn is a participant in the Mindpeace Collaborative and the Strive Initiative.

    For more information contact:
    Contact Person: Pamela Bowers, MS, PC
    Phone: (513) 363-2606