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    Fax: 513-363-8020
    Hours: Monday-Friday,
    8:30 a.m. - 3:05 p.m. (9-12)
    9:20 a.m. - 3:55 p.m. (K-8)

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email Sort Order
      Owens, Michael Principal 363-8090
      Perrino, Maggie Artistic Director 363-8037
      Fraise, Ashley Asst. Principal (7-12) 363-8091
      Copenhaver, John F. Asst. Principal (K-6) 363-8190
      Summe-Haas, Teresa External Relations Officer 363-8155
      Bauer, Barbara Lead Secretary 363-8001
      Donnelly, Terry Treasurer 363-8041
      Wilson (Kirksey), Tracey Registrar 363-8158
      Steele, Zhayna Senior Support Specialist 363-8002
      Walker, Bridget Support Specialist 363-8130
      Biddinger, Rob Career Coordinator 363-8191
      Biolchini, Julia Guidance Counselor 7th & 8th Grade 363-8161
      Geary (Jackson), Megan Guidance Counselor (A-L) 363-8047
      Williams, Rashaan Guidance Counselor (M-Z) 363-8036
      Ayers, Troy Plant Operator 363-8016
      Beauchamp, Denise Box Office Manager 363-8015
      Carlson, Melissa Development Assistant 363-8155
      Clay, Linda Lunchroom 363-8145
      Copeland, Micaiah Therapist, Children's Home 363-8152
      Cox, Jacquline Sisters of SCPA 363-8044
      Dean, Gwen Security 363-8003
      DeShawn, Ashley Lunchroom 363-8145
      Eberhard, Bayleigh Paraprofessional (Ziesmann) 363-8139
      Edmondson, Craig Night Building Engine 363-8016
      Edwards, Jylina Paraprofessional (Crawley) 363-8048


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Andreadis, Maureen Modern History High School 363-8079
      Batten, Jessica English - 7th Grade 7th Grade 363-8054
      Berns, Marcy Reading Specialist K-6 Grade 363-8027
      Bjoza, Daryl Dance Ensemble, Dance Tech High School 363-8084
      Black, Lee Band High School 363-8026
      Booker, Sheila* Intervention Specialist Gr. 8th High School 363-8103
      Broerman, Reeta Biology & AP Biology High School 363-8102
      Bruce, Diane Intervention Specialist Gr. 5th & 6th 5th & 6th Grade 363-8141
      Buchanan, Alexandra Math 4th Grade 363-8064
      Calloway, Alexis Intervention Specialist Gr. 9-10th High School 363-8166
      Casarez, Pablo English - 9th High School 363-8077
      Cash, Sara Primary -2nd Gr 2nd Grade 363-8112
      Cassidy, Keith Drama Tech 1&2, Acting Class High School 363-8035
      Ciani, Joseph Science 5th Grade 363-8043
      Cochrane, Judy* Math 6th Grade 363-8061
      Crank, Mary* Science High School 363-8072
      Crowley, Kevin Drama,Script Writing High School 363-8051
      Davis, Lori Primary - 2nd Gr 2nd Grade 363-8117
      Deonier, Sarah English High School 363-8030
      Digiantonio, Brandon US History/AP US History High School 363-8086
      Drout, Julie Primary Art Primary K-3rd 363-8062
      Gerard, Brad* Tech Theater - Scenic High School 363-8022
      Goodlett, Jay Dance 4th - 12th Grade 363-8113
      Goodlett, Kim Social Studies 6th Grade 363-8078
      Goykhman, Simon Piano High School 363-8058

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