The Promise Center

  • Overview

    The Promise Center provides an academic and social setting for students who commit discipline offenses that warrant their removal from their home school. The program focus is designed to ensure that students continue their academic instruction while they are assisted in examining and eliminating the behaviors that resulted in their placement at the Promise Center. In addition to meeting academic standards, students are expected to participate in activities that will help them to modify negative behaviors by demonstrating the following:

    • Positive Decision Making
    • Problem Solving
    • Anger Management
    • Positive Peer/Adult Relationships

    Despite being removed from their home school, students have the opportunity to continue their education while they examine the causes of their misconduct. The Promise Center’s ultimate mission is to assist students to return to their home schools and become productive, positive members of their school communities.

    Finally, students will be coached to understand the connection and impact of their behavior to learning community and community at large. Promise Center is CPS’ commitment to all students.


    The Promise Center is a restorative opportunity to provide additional academic, therapeutic, and behavioral instruction that is not afforded with traditional suspension and expulsion.

    • Partnership with family and school
    • Opportunity to identify strategies to keep students in school
    • Changing the narrative of the school to prison pipeline


    • Provide a restorative alternative to out of school suspension and expulsion
    • Provide academic continuation of services and ability to address learning gaps
    • Provide wrap around services that may include substance abuse, mental health counseling, academic intervention, and transition services
    • Provide targeted behavior and social emotional instruction so that students can have success in life

    Belief Statements

    • All students matter.
    • All students can reinvent themselves to endure obstacles and adversity now and in the future.
    • All students have the potential to define and pursue their own success.
    • All students deserve a safe, inviting, caring, structured environment with the appropriate emphasis on behavior and academic achievement.