Special Education

  • Meeting the Diverse Learning Needs of Students

    CPS' Department of Student Services specializes in ensuring that students with disabilities receive the instruction and support needed to achieve. Special education and related services are offered to children ages three through twenty-one in public and non-public schools.

    These services support the district’s mission of helping all children to succeed, based on high expectations, with support and opportunities for students to grow socially, emotionally and physically.

    The department provides strong instructional support and early intervening services that assist children in reaching their highest potential by:

    • Improving academic achievement
    • Increasing access to general education
    • Strengthening support and services in all schools
    • Improving behavior and health programs
    • Improving the use of instructional technology

    This work is based on a welcoming and nurturing school community consisting of strong partnerships and relationships with parents and students.

    Core Beliefs

    • All children are equally valuable and have the right to achieve their greatest potential.
    • Collaboration among families and other stakeholders enhances the educational outcomes for diverse learners.
    • Learning is the result of interactions between learners, teachers, parents and the community.
    • High-quality education is important if all children are to achieve.
    • Appropriately planned/designed interventions delivered with fidelity are beneficial to all children.
    • All families want the best educational opportunities available for their children.