• At Withrow University High School, we prepare our students for the careers of their choice. Students have the resources they need to make the leap after they graduate, whether they intend to enroll, enlist or go straight into employment.

    Attending College

    Attending a university or trade school is an exciting time — it means you are that much closer to putting your plans into action. The higher education pathway requires a lot of preparation starting as early as grade 9.

    Admissions Testing

    Some programs require that students take an admissions test; the most common are the ACT and the SAT.
    ACT — Learn more about the ACT and view test dates.
    SAT — Learn more about the SAT and view test dates.

    Applying to College

    Some students know early on where they want to attend college. Others may not be so sure. There are many strategies to identify the right fit for you. We outline a few here; talk to your school counselor about other tools that can help you.

    The Common App — Apply to more than 800 schools using one application; includes planning resources as well.

    NCAA Eligibility — Want to play college sports? Make sure you understand NCAA eligibility requirements.

    College Prep Weblinks

    Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities
    Ohio Public Universities
    Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Ohio
    Historically Black Colleges and Universities

    Paying for College

    There are many options to help pay for higher education. To improve your chances of qualifying, make sure that you meet all deadlines. Your school counselor can provide more information on financial aid options and requirements.

    Enlist — Joining the Military

    If you are interested in joining a branch of the military after graduating from high school, you may gain information and insight from any of the following sources:

    • Recruiters who come to visit school; listen to the announcements for the dates and times
    • Calling or visiting the recruiting offices in your area
    • Talking to people you know who have been in the military

    Other options include:

    • Joining the ROTC — Attend college and receive training to become a military officer at the same time. ROTC scholarships are available to help pay your college expenses.
    • Joining the National Guard or the Reserves — Serve in the military and maintain a civilian life at the same time.

    For information about the educational and financial benefits of the various military options, visit with a recruiter. Recruiters make periodic visits to Withrow, be sure to sign up to see them when their visits are announced.

    Employed — Focusing on Your Career

    There are plenty of tools to help you determine the right path for you. Some of the resources here offer good information about career options and planning. Check with your counselor for other tools that can help you plan your future.

    • ASVAB — The ASVAB is a test to predict future academic and occupational success in the military.
    • Ohio Means Jobs — This online career planning tool helps students discover career interests, explore future job options, create a resume and more.
    • Occupational Outlook Handbook — Explore career information on duties, education and training, pay and career outlook for hundreds of careers.


    Ready to enter the workforce right away? Here are some resources to help find a job:

    • Job Corps — Job Corps is the largest free residential education and job training program for young adults aged 16 – 24.
    • Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio — The Urban League offers workforce training and other programs to boost employability.

    Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates and Cincinnati Youth Collaborative

    The Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates Program is a one-credit high school elective class. Career Specialists keep at-risk students in school and on the path to employment, college/trade school enrollment or enlistment in the military. Students are taught 37 critical core-competencies in order to help them transition into the adult world of work and build a career path. Students are supported by a Career Specialist for one year post-high school to ensure a successful transition into life after high school and the implementation of their Individual Development Plan (IDP).

    Information about JCG can be found on the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative Website.