• Staff

    South Avondale staff is committed to helping each child reach their full potential.

    South Avondale is a strong advocate for servicing the whole child and believes that students' emotional, social, physical, and mental needs must be met in order for children to excel academically. Therefore, we have a comprehensive intervention team that consists of: a psychologist, a social worker, intervention specialist, content specialist, a registered nurse, therapists, and case managers who relentlessly meet the needs of our students and families.

    The staff at South Avondale is committed to the growth of the students as well. We believe that all children should be treated with respect and understanding. The learning environment of our school is supportive, creative, and designed to develop a strong mastery of the basic skills of learning.


    We encourage parents to become involved and we need their support to help their child(ren) do his/her best. In order for parents/guardians to assist their children, we suggest the following:

    • Check with your child for homework assignments.
    • Provide a time and place for your child to study.
    • Be sure your child has enough time to get to school.
    • If tardy or absent, please send a note.
    • Show interest in your child(ren) by asking questions, lending a helping hand, and asking for teacher conferences.
    • Support school policy and rules.
    • Let the school know about any change of address or phone numbers.
    • Make sure the school has an emergency phone number to call.