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WAVE Foundation Brings Science to Life for CPS Students

Shark demo at schoolIn an effort to provide Cincinnati Public Schools’ students with the best educational resources in the STEM education world, the WAVE Foundation has partnered with CPS to bring science to life through the creation of the Living Curriculum Initiative (LCI), a grant-funded program from the Louis and Louise Nippert Charitable Foundation.

WAVE Foundation's mission is to excite, engage and educate the community about the wonders of aquatic life and the importance of conservation. The WAVE acronym stands for Welfare of Aquatic Animals through Advocacy Volunteerism and Education. The WAVE Foundation is an independent, educational foundation at the Newport Aquarium and is designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

WAVE Foundaton logoThe Living Curriculum Initiative is a three-year program, starting in the 2016-17 school year, that teaches the rigorous mental discipline of the scientific process through fun experiential-learning programs that feature live sharks and stingrays. The LCI delivers on this goal through a well-crafted participatory science curriculum built to develop higher-order thinking skills using the 5 E's inquiry model.  

Live animals elicit a natural curiosity in students that most textbooks can’t match. Thus, the LCI creates opportunities for teachers and students to engage in authentic student-driven learning that will anchor science understanding and enhance science literacy.

The LCI provides layers of science-process focused lessons throughout the school year. In its first year, LCI visited science classrooms throughout CPS' Vision 2020 elementary schools and provide participatory science lessons over three visits. Each visit focuses on a different part of the scientific method. The three visits allow students to work through the entire inquiry process from observation and questioning, to data collection and analysis, all the way through to communication of the students findings.

The Living Curriculum Initiative:

  • Free to all Cincinnati Public Schools
  • Brings science to life through inquiry lessons featuring live sharks and stingrays
  • Designed to build higher-level science-processing skills
  • Built around Ohio’s education standards and developed using problem-based learning scenarios



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