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Business Volunteers: Contribute to the Development of Tomorrow’s Workforce

Our regional businesses can play a key role in our career development mission by volunteering their time to help students develop real-world skills and knowledge.

Targeted volunteer opportunities are being organized by the Business-Education Connectivity Council (BECC). The time required is minimal, but business volunteers will have a life-long influence on our students’ futures and a far-reaching impact on the region’s economic development.

Specifically, we are looking for volunteers to share their expertise through the following opportunities:

  •     Career and Workforce Readiness Program Experiences for students in grade 11
  •     Business Training Presentations for students in grades 9 and 10

Career and Workforce Readiness Program Experiences

Volunteers will work with students in grade 11 who are participating in the Career and Workforce Readiness Program. Volunteers are needed for four important events:

  1.  Third Annual BECC-CPS Career Expo – October 20, 2017 – Talk to students about careers in multiple fields.
  2.  Life Ready – February 15, 2018 – Information coming soon.
  3.  Job Shadowing – March 15-16, 2018 – Allow a student to shadow you at your job.
  4.  Mock Interviews  – May 2-3, 2018 – Perform a mock interview with a student at your place of employment.

Business Training Presentations for Students in Grades 9 and 10

Guest speakers are needed to present on a variety of career and employment-ready subjects at the Business Training Center.

Are you interested in shaping the future of our region?

Join us in providing CPS students with real, actionable career-readiness experiences that will better prepare our youth for the workforce of tomorrow and better strengthen the workforce for our region’s future.

Interested in partnering? Learn more about how to become a partner or to sign up to volunteer.

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