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Customer Care Center

Our Customer Care Center aims to help our CPS community get answers and accurate information, and resolve problems in a caring, helpful and professional manner. The center handles student registration and enrollment (also handled at the schools), and provides quality assistance for a variety of requests from parents, students and community members. 

2651 Burnet Avenue, 45219 (Corryville) 
Cincinnati Public Schools Education Center (main hallway, first floor)

CPS' Customer Care Center currently is open to the public with walk-in visits and appointments. Appointments are available 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Customer Care Center representatives also are available by email or to answer telephone calls (513) 363-0123 — press 1 for assistance with registering your child for school and general questions.

Appointments are made online. 

To make an online appointment: 

  • Click on an open appointment slot (the words "Customer Care Center") for the date and time you want. 
  • A blank time slot (no words) has been taken. Please select a different time or date.
  • Remember to include your reason for wanting an appointment, and include a phone number and/or email so we can contact you if necessary. Sometimes, a representative can call to answer questions, etc., and avoid the need for an in-person visit. 
  • To cancel an appointment, leave this calendar page and delete the appointment from your own calendar.

All Visitors are Required to Follow the Guidelines Below:

  • Do not enter the building if you have COVID-19 symptoms, including a higher temperature than normal.
  • All visitors must check in at CPS' Safety Services Desk.
  • Face masks must be worn during the entire time inside the building. 
  • Only one person may enter for appointments.
  • No entry before appointment times. Early arrivals must wait outside.
  • Ohio's social-distancing guidelines — standing or sitting a minimum 6 feet apart — must be followed inside and outside the building.

Customer Care Center

The center aligns with Cincinnati Public Schools' goal to be customer-friendly, one of the many tools contributing to improving student achievement. In addition to the highly qualified Customer Care Center staff, representatives from CPS' Office of Transportation also work in the Center to help solve customers' bus-service problems. 

Read the Quarterly Superintendent Newsletters for all up-to-date district news and information for families.  

The Customer Care Center is available to help with questions in areas such as:

Parents can register their school-age children online and/or view their child's progress on PowerSchool.

Contractors can use computers to view bid-requests information and contact the Purchasing Department for further assistance.

The Customer Care Center does not handle employee disciplinary actions or union issues. Contact the Employee Care Center for assistance: 

Benefits: Stephanie Woods (513) 363-0141; Badges/Background Checks: Karen Cummings (513) 363-0153; Payroll: (513) 363-0590

What We Do

A team approach is used when responding to parents' or community members' concerns. 

If an issue involves a teacher or school, please contact the teacher or principal first to try to resolve the matter with the people most directly involved in the case. Most concerns can and should be resolved at the school building level. If an issue cannot be resolved there, we will assist in finding a resolution.

The Customer Care Center can:

  • Provide information or clarification about policies or procedures.
  • Find the right person to handle issues or concerns.
  • Talk to people who can research and investigate an incident.
  • Serve as a "go between" for parties involved.
  • Mediate an impartial resolution.
  • Identify alternatives.

To decide if you should contact CPS' Customer Care Center, ask the following questions:

  • Have I tried to solve this problem at the school? 
  • Am I unsure where to turn next?

Before contacting the Customer Care Center, be prepared to share the following information with a member of the Customer Care Team:

  • Student's name, age, grade and school
  • Names of teachers, principal or assistant principal, or other school officials already contacted

In written correspondence, please describe the situation and include your name, address and phone number.

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