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MLL Outreach: Enhancing Education and Community Support Across CPS

MLL Outreach: Enhancing Education and Community Support Across CPS

The Multilingual Learners (MLL) outreach team is making significant strides in supporting communities and educational programs across various sites. Their dedicated efforts span multiple Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) sites and community programs, ensuring comprehensive support for multilingual learners and fostering a sense of community and belonging among students.

Throughout the summer, CPS’ Office of Second Language Acquisition is actively involved in supporting various school hubs. Their work ensures that students continue to receive educational opportunities outside the regular school year. 

“Our summer outreach efforts have allowed us to keep our newcomer students involved in learning throughout the month of June. We made nearly 400 phone calls home to multilingual families in the first week of summer school, which kept our attendance strong and kept them learning the skills they need to be prepared in August,” Dr. Adam Cooper, ESOL Manager, said. “These calls have helped us maintain clear lines of communication with teachers, transportation, community resources, and events.”

These activities help build connections among students, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where they can thrive. CPS’ OSLA is also assisting Early Childhood Education, Project Connect and Customer Care with enrollment, making the process smoother for multilingual families. 

“All of these foundational steps in the summer lead to results we observe on the first day MLL students step foot in the classroom,” Dr. Cooper said. “We keep them engaged every step of the way.”

In addition to their work at CPS sites, CPS is collaborating with several community partners. CPS’ OSLA is partnering with Heartfelt Tidbits to offer resources and support, fostering a sense of community and solidarity. Working with Santa Maria Community Services, they provide education and resources to underserved communities, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Collaboration with Su Casa Hispanic Center helps support Hispanic families through educational and social services, reinforcing the importance of cultural diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, teaming up with the Cincinnati Public Library provides access to learning resources and community programs, creating a hub of knowledge and connection for students and their families.

“Yes, it's about translating the language, but it's really about so much more than that. Families need and appreciate the one-on-one support we provide them as they create accounts for enrollment and communication with teachers and other school staff,” Dr. Cooper said. “It's exactly what our English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and staff do in schools throughout the year.”

Through these extensive outreach efforts, the team is making a meaningful impact on the lives of multilingual learners and their families. By ensuring access to education and community support, they are not only enhancing academic opportunities but also fostering a sense of unity and belonging that brings people together.

To find MLL Summer Outreach opportunities near you, click here:

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