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Summer Scholars FAQs

Summer Scholars Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Summer Scholars (SS) similar to past Summer Schools?

It's better! We will offer academic extended learning courses and daily lessons surrounding Social & Emotional Learning in the morning PLUS afternoon enrichment activities. 

Is the SS in-person or online?

We are happy to announce that the SS is in person, 5 days a week! Distance options are available.

What about COVID-19?

All CPS adopted CDC school safety guidelines will be followed including all students must wear a mask. 

What grade levels will be offered?

Preschool through grade 12.

When does the SS start?

The first day for students is June 2, 2021, and the last day is June 30, 2021.

Is there an attendance requirement?

No, We want students to have an opportunity to experience the entire Summer Scholars experience so we encourage students to attend daily.

Is there a cost for SS?


What schools will offer SS?

All CPS schools will offer the SS experience. 

What is the schedule?

To make sure each school’s community needs are met, each building will design their own programming.

You mentioned enrichment opportunities. What will that look like?

Each school will create their own unique enrichment opportunities but activities such as music, art, theater, and environmental learning could be examples. 

Is it possible to attend half day?

Yes, there is a morning only option and transportation will be available for mid day pick up

Will there be transportation provided?

Yes, but eligibility is determined by the student's home address. Yellow bus the student must be 1 mile from the home address to the school.  The student must live in the attendance boundary of the school of attendance.

Will breakfast be available each day?

Yes, breakfast will be served in the lunchroom or "grab and go" to take to the classroom.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes, our SS students will receive a hot lunch!

My student is a 6th grader. Will they go to a high school for SS?

No, your 6th-grade student will attend their home elementary school for SS where students have an opportunity to strengthen their skills and build knowledge necessary for the upcoming school year.

How do I register my student?

Contact your home school. 

My student has a IEP plan. Will they receive extra help?

Yes, all students with plans will work towards their goals with specialized personnel. 

My student receives special services, such as counseling, speech therapy, etc. Will those services be offered during SS?

Our hope is that all services will be provided but will be contingent on available summer personnel. 

My student needs to make up high school credits to graduate. Can they do this during SS?  

Yes, please contact your student's home school. 

Will ELL services be provided during SS?

Yes! ELL services will be available in the following SS High School schools: Dater, Aiken, Withrow and Western Hills. We are waiting on approval for the elementary schools.

Will uniforms be mandated during SS?

No, please make sure your student wears summer appropriate clothing that is inline with the dress code. 

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