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Ohio's Academic Standards

Academic Content Standards

Ohio and Cincinnati Public Schools have implemented academic content standards for four subjects — English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

The standards, which set out clearly what students should learn at each grade level, were phased into use in CPS' classrooms under its Vision i5 Campaign - Imagine, Illuminate, Innovate, Invest and Inspire - launched in 2012. Full implementation began in 2014-15, with state assessments aligned to the new standards.

Content standards help Cincinnati Public Schools ensure that written curriculum, classroom instruction and tests of learning all match — an alignment that research suggests makes a powerful impact on student achievement. If the alignment is not strong, factors such as family income and parents’ education levels loom much larger in student performance, studies suggest.

CPS' content standards teach students less material, yet allow them to master more knowledge. Students will learn more in-depth subject content than before.

CPS uses Ohio's Learning Standards in our curriculum. The standards are incorporated into all CPS professional development, focusing on teaching strategies and assessments.

Ohio's Learning Standards


Parents' Guides and Posters

Parents' Guides to CPS' Learning Standards, created by the National PTA, cover grades K-8; and there is one Guide covering high school English-Language Arts and one Guide covering high school mathematics.

View and print the National PTA's Parents' Guide to Student Success
(English and Spanish)

French and Arabic Translations
National PTA Parents' Guides to Student Success (PDFs) —

Kindergarten — FrenchArabic
1st Grade —  FrenchArabic
2nd Grade — French —  Arabic
3rd Grade —  FrenchArabic
4th Grade —  FrenchArabic
5th Grade —  FrenchArabic
6th Grade — FrenchArabic
7th Grade — FrenchArabic
8th Grade — FrenchArabic

High School English / Language Arts - French, Arabic
High School Mathematics - French, Arabic

Learning Standards Posters:  Colorful posters (24 in. by 36 in.) are displayed in Cincinnati Public Schools’ classrooms to give students overviews of what they are learning under Ohio's Learning Standards.

The posters (English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies) can be printed onto 8 ½ by 11-inch paper.

CPS and the New Standards

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