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Nursing Services

Cincinnati Public Schools contracts with the City of Cincinnati to provide nursing services to almost every elementary school. These services include providing state-required vision, hearing, scoliosis and communicable disease screenings, and case management for children with chronic illnesses. Nurses also provide health education for students such as teaching them how to wash their hands and cover their coughs to prevent the spread of germs.

Instructional Technology

The district is expanding the use of Instructional Technology to better meet the needs of students' varied learning styles. This includes equipment that allows students with unique learning needs or disabilities increase their independence and to improve their ability to learn, such as computer software and other assistive devices. An Intervention Specialist works with students, families and school teams to identify software and equipment that may help students improve their academic performance.

Secondary Transition Support

Transition planning for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), ages 16 to 22, is provided to help students change from school to employment or post secondary education, as well as living and community participation. The district helps schools engage students and their families in the planning process. Each high school has a Transition Coordinator, and a Transition Planning and Resource Team. Team members work with community partners to provide information and materials, and foster networking opportunities.

Crisis Response Team

Cincinnati Public Schools has a team of professionals trained in crisis intervention that is available when the school community faces a crisis situation that affects staff and students, such as the death of a student or staff member. CPS' crisis team is made up of approximately 70 members, including school psychologists, social workers, counselors, and teachers. The team's goal is to help return the school to normal as quickly as possible by creating a calm, safe atmosphere; helping students and staff cope with their natural emotional reactions; and returning to ordinary routines

Non-Public Special Education Support

The district provides three major services to non-public schools within our district.

  1. Locating and identifying students with disabilities in non-public schools or who are being home schooled and live within the CPS district.
  2. Notifying each family that services required by a student are available through the CPS district.
  3. Providing special education services purchased by non-public schools, such as speech/language pathologists, intervention specialists, psychologists and occupational/physical therapists.

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