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ABC's of Adaptations and Accommodations

Adaptations for the special education student must fit the student’s learning style and are written in the child’s IEP. Some accommodations may be used on the proficiency tests and promotion standards. The following is an alphabetical list of useful classroom and curriculum accommodations.

A lphabet strip taped to student’s desk

B reak long range assignments and projects into smaller ones

C alculators, C hecklists and C omputers

D ictate work/assignment to student

E xtended time for tests, projects and assignments

F lash cards

G roup cooperatively; G ive cues; use G raphic organizers

H ighlight main ideas or specific words

I nstruction given orally and in print

J ournal writing could be drawing pictures or scripted by another

K ids use assignment books to organize work

L arge print or type for easier reading

M anipulatives and M odels

N umber lines, N otebooks

O ral reports instead of written ones

P aired reading, P eer tutors

Q uiet space or work area

R ead tests, directions, assignments

S horten assignments, S maller amounts, S tudy guides

T ape stories; T hree-dimensional ruler

U se a test format that requires little writing

V erbal responses to questions, tests

V ocabulary lists and V isuals

W orksheets and/or tests W ritten on lower skill level

X erox copy of assignments for home and provide e X amples of projects

Y our tests could be open book or take home

Z ero-in on reinforcing concepts through hands-on activities and games

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