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Service and Enrichment Opportunities

Gifted students may receive a continuum of services within a school. These services are based on extending the breadth and depth of the district standards. Additionally, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and research/independent study activities may be added to the student's instructional plan.

Gifted services or instructional settings may include:

Differentiation — varying the content, process and/or product on a given activity
Here are some examples:

  • Curriculum compacting — students test out of an area by taking the end-of-the-unit exam one to two days after introduction of topic — if student shows mastery then he/she moves on to extension activities for unit.
  • Learning centers/Interest centers — standards-based stations in the room centering on student interest and need
  • Independent study — in-depth study of a topic of student interest
  • Tiered assignments — activities presented at different levels of complexity with same standard achieved

Contracts — negotiated agreement between teacher and student of assigned activities, gives student some freedom of work and product

Clustering — clustering gifted students together for instruction

Resource room/Pull-out — room used for gifted instruction, servicing groups of gifted students for periods less than full-time — must be with a gifted teacher

Self-contained class — a room providing full-time service for gifted students, used in place of a regular education classroom — must be with a gifted teacher

Acceleration — grade skipping for one or more content area in one or two grade

Mentorships — working with a career mentor in an area of interest

Advanced placement — courses developed by the College Board to give opportunity for college credit

Honors — higher level courses that include more discussion and present a higher level of academic challenge to students

Counseling in career options — discussion and guidance by trained professional to aid in career decisions, college/post-secondary planning

Magnet schools — schools specializing in specific area

Seminars, small groups — focused, in-depth project/group- much time spent on discussion, small-group work and student presentation

Academic competitions/clubs — scholarly competitions and organizations in such things as Future Problem Solving, Chess Club, Junior Great Books, Destination, National Geography Bee, ImagiNation, Writing for Publication, Stock Market Simulations, Higher Level-thinking challenges, Olympiads, Debate Club, etc.

Distance learning — Internet coursework

Credit Flexibily and Dual Enrollment — college courses taken before high school graduation

Guidance — counseling and guidance by trained professional in needed gifted areas

Other educational options — may include delivery of options in creative thinking, visual performing arts, leadership, in community involvement or in another non-listed service delivery option

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