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Gifted Assessment

Students in grades K-12 may be referred for gifted screening and identification several ways:

  • Child's request
  • Parent's (or guardian's) request
  • Teacher's request
  • Child referring another child
  • Referral by others, such as a psychologist, community member, school principal or gifted coordinator

Gifted Referral forms are available at every CPS school. (Or, print a copy of the form.) Completed forms should be given to the school's principal.  Gifted testing occurs in each building mid-September to mid-October and mid-January to mid-February each year. In addition to referral testing, all CPS students in grades two and six are screened for gifted identification.

Screening and Identification

Cincinnati Public Schools uses a three-step process to screen for and identify gifted children.

Step 1: Pre-Assessment

Student performance information is gathered in a variety of ways. These can include teacher, parent and peer nominations; grades; portfolios of student work; observations; student records; and outstanding student work products, displays or performances.

All students are involved in the pre-assessment step to ensure equal access to screening and further assessment for gifted ability.

Step 2: Screening Assessment

Information from Step 1 is examined to see if additional assessment is needed. School staff review all available student information in making this decision.

Students who meet or exceed a cutoff score (set by the district) move to the identification stage. Gifted screening cutoff scores are set lower than gifted identification scores. A student also may be identified as gifted during the screening process.

Step 3: Identification Assessment

Additional assessments are used to help make a gifted identification decision. After a decision is made, a child's educational needs are determined.

Assessment instruments used by the CPS for screening and identification.


Parents may appeal for reconsideration of the results of any part of the identification process by submitting a letter to the district's Gifted Department. CPS will issue a final written decision within 30 school days of the appeal.

Transfer Students

Cincinnati Public Schools accepts scores on assessments approved for use by the Ohio Department of Education provided by other school districts and/or qualified personnel not associated with CPS. At the request of the parent, any student transferring into the district will be assessed within 90 days of the transfer.

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