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Career-Based Learning

Career-Based Learning (CBL) is an educational strategy that connects students with business professionals to provide them with real-life insight into potential careers.  It is designed to help students combine what they learn in the classroom with essential workforce skills to develop their employability. 

Find more Career Technical opportunites here.

Advisory Grades 3–12

At CPS, students from grades 3–12 have a specified time every week to devote to Advisory. Advisory is facilitated by teachers and is structured on 4 goals: 

  • Social and Emotional Learning — Students are engaged in a variety of self assessments focused on the VIA Character Strengths, Clifton Strengthsfinder, and other career development assessments housed within the Naviance learning platform. Students learn about themselves and how to relate better with each other by reviewing and applying the results of these assessments. These assessments are also used to help students with their post secondary exploration. 
  • Building Community — Students participate in team building activities in an effort to connect with their fellow students and teachers as well as their broader school community. 
  • Post-Secondary Planning — Starting at 3rd grade, CPS begins teaching students about the variety of careers that are available to them by utilizing a scaffolded  approach that moves students from career awareness, to career exploration, to career readiness, and ending in career attainment. In the upper grades, a considerable amount of time is focused on soft skill development as well as life skills. These two areas are most requested by the region's business community.
  • Academic Monitoring — Students keep track of their grades and progress toward grade completion and graduation. This reinforces the skills of self advocacy and time management.

All of the efforts in Advisory prepare students to be successful not only in their academic career but also prepares them for life after graduation.

Career-Based Learning Experiences (Current COVID-19-safe) 

Beyond the Tassel Series

The Beyond the Tassel speaker series was created as an opportunity to connect with students and families around critical topics associated with college and career attainment. The series is streamed online via Facebook. Students and families get an opportunity to listen and ask questions of area experts in the college and career space. 

Find 2021-22 Beyond the Tassel Dates

"How I Got Here" Video Series 

Key employer partners share their personal journeys in this series to demonstrate the often winding paths of success. Personal attributes, career aspirations and failures are shared to give students a comprehensive understanding.

Life Ready

Life Ready is a virtual workshop that interactively helps answer students’ pressing questions about life skills including financial literacy, managing changing relationships and personal affairs management.

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews is another opportunity for students to engage with professionals in the community in a formal interview setting in an effort to showcase and hone the professionalism skills that they have developed throughout the academic year. 

Job Shadow

Businesses from throughout the greater Cincinnati region are invited to broaden the horizons of area students through a one-day job shadowing opportunity. This opportunity is designed to immerse students in the critical problems industries are working to solve as well as provide insight into future career opportunities.

Employment Pipelines

As more and more career sectors face talent gaps, CPS is poised to help meet industry talent needs through the Employment Pipeline programs. Area businesses can elect to partner with the district to train and employ students during their senior year in high school. In addition to industry specific training, students also get an opportunity to learn about financial literacy and employability skills that will make them successful  in their careers. The goal is that students walk away with in demand skills and a job offer upon completion.  


Participating schools

Supply Chain

Dater High School


Hughes STEM High School

Riverview East 


Aiken High School 

Woodward Career Technical High School 

Culinary Arts

Dater High School 

Information Technology (High School Tech Internship Program in partnership with Career Tech)

Hughes STEM High School

Taft IT High School

Walnut Hills High School

Withrow University High School


Taft IT High School


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