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Credit Flexibility

Teen Studying in Her HomeCincinnati Public Schools offers students opportunities to earn high school credit through a credit flexibility program.

"Credit flex" shifts the focus from evaluating student learning based on "seat time" to assessing students' demonstrated academic and skill level or performance.

With "credit flex," students have options to show what they know, earn credit(s), and move on to higher-order content. It is especially useful in providing rich learning opportunities for students whose interests (and /or performance) extend beyond the regular curriculum.

It is important to note that there are specific guidelines that students must follow to be considered for participation in Cincinnati Public Schools' credit flexibility program.

Credit Flex Program Implementation

The Credit Flex Program is currently updating forms and procedures for application and approval. Details are coming soon.  Applications may still be submitted following the procedures outlined below.

Students must meet with their guidance counselor and/or their supervising teacher prior to submitting credit flex applications. A supervising teacher with credentials in the curriculum content of the proposed experience must be identified to ensure that the student’s experiences demonstrate mastery of the course standards proposed. A proposal should include information about the proposed experience, the supervising teacher, and how the student will demonstrate mastery of the course standards in addition to any other relevant information. Please submit proposal for Credit Flex experiences to Sarah Morales of the CPS Curriculum and Instruction Department via email.

Review Board Policy No. 2370 - Credit Flexibility/Educational Options

Option A: Post-Secondary Educational Option (PSEO) or dual enrollment
Option B: Test out or otherwise demonstrate mastery of course content
Option C: Pursue a student-designed educational option

Key Facts:

  • Credit will be reported on student transcripts in the same way that seat-time credit is recorded.
  • Credit will be awarded once Option B or C is completed; therefore, these options will not be considered for athletic eligibility. Students still will need to be enrolled in and passing five courses (not including PE) per grading period to be eligible by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) standards.
  • Although credit flexibility gives students and families more control and choice, it also involves more personal responsibility. Students and families are responsible for any costs associated with the educational option portion of the plan.
  • To receive credit, all courses, as applicable, must be aligned to the Ohio Academic Content and Technical Standards.
  • Credit Flexibility Guidance documents


Questions? Email Sarah Morales, CPS' Curriculum Manager for Credit Flex.

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