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College Credit Plus

Definition and Cost

College Credit Plus (CCP) is Ohio's dual enrollment program that provides students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from Ohio colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to enhance students' career readiness and postsecondary success, while providing a wide variety of options to college-ready students, at no or limited costs to students and families.


  • In High School — Several CPS schools partner with college/universities to offer CCP classes within the high school building.
  • On College Campus — Eligible students, who have applied and been accepted, can take classes at any participating college in the state of Ohio.
  • Online — Eligible students, who have applied and been accepted, can take online classes from any participating college in the state of Ohio.

If your high school does not currently offer CCP coursework you'd like to take, please use this form to submit your request: CCP Course Request Form.


  • October-February — Attend information session and meet with your school counselor
  • April 1 deadline — Turn in your Intent to Participate Form to your school counselor
  • January-May 1 — Take test to determine eligibility and apply to intended college
  • Varies based on college — Enroll in your CCP classes and attend college orientation


High schools are not able to limit participation for a student who has qualifying college ready test scores. 

Most colleges define this through two tests: ACT or Accuplacer

  • Step 1: Attend an information session hosted by the district, or by your high school (not all high schools host their own CCP information night). 
  • Step 2: Turn in your letter of intent to your high school counselor.
  • Step 3: Determine test scores. ACT and SAT are typically accepted at all partner schools, some partners will also provide an Accuplacer exam once you have applied to be part of their College Credit Plus program. 
  • Step 4: Discuss your course selection with your high school counselor and college academic advisor to find courses that meet high school graduation requirements and set you up for college success. 
  • Step 5: Build both a high school and college schedule. 

College Credit Plus Student Checklist

Information Session

The 2019 district information session will be from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 13, at the Education Center, 2651 Burnet Ave.

Some, but not all, individual schools host their own information session as well, refer to your individual school's school counselor. 

Letter of Intent

A letter of intent must be turned in to your school counselor by April 1 of the school year prior to your fall participation. If you did not turn in your form by the April 1 deadline, but still wish to participate, you must receive the signature of your school principal before turning the form into your school counselor. 

Letter of Intent


CPS students can apply for College Credit Plus admission at any public institution in the state of Ohio, below, are the CCP admission pages for our leading college partners. 

Student Tools and Support

Bus Pass Request: The district will fund bus passes if you do not have reliable transportation between your high school campus and the college campus where you intend to take classes.

Laptop/WiFi request: The district will provide a take-home laptop and wifi hotspot if you do not have reliable at home computer and internet access for your college level work. 

Textbook Rules/Process

  • Textbooks for in-high school CCP options are provided to you, no additional steps are needed.
  • If you are taking CCP courses at a college location, or online through the college — textbooks must be paid for by the Cincinnati Public Schools District. 
  • The process for obtaining books is outlined below for each of our main partners and CPS is billed directly. If you choose to go to a school outside the list below, please email to establish how those books should be obtained. 
    • UC Uptown: 
      • You will be provided a Textbook Voucher to fill out at your UC CCP orientation 
      • You will fill out the Voucher and take that to the UC bookstore to obtain the books needed for your courses 
      • Should your book be out of stock, or not carried at the bookstore, email for support 
    • Cincinnati State 
    • Chatfield: Talk with your Chatfield Academic Advisor 


To determine the number of credit hours a student can take in a year, CPS must calculate the following credit limit:

30 – (high school only credits x 3) = Maximum number of College Credit Plus credit hours

Students may only take a maximum of 120 credit hours in the program.

If students would like to take more than the maximum number of credit hours, Cincinnati Public Schools will pay the tuition, then bill the student’s CPS account directly at a rate of $41.64 per credit hour over.


Possible Benefits:

  • Can save families and students thousands of dollars in tution 
  • Exposure and preparation for full college course schedule upon graduation 
  • Academic challenge beyond high school curriculum 
  • Earlier graduation from college 

Possible Drawbacks:

  • Failing or withdrawing from CCP classes can compromise future financial aid eligibility 
  • Low grades or failing grades in CCP classes are established on permanent college records 
  • Time management between college and high school commitments may present new challenges for students 

Classes failed or withdrawn with an "F" (or equivalent failing grade) will receive an "F" on the high school and college transcripts and will be computed into the high school and college GPA. CPS does not currently charge students tuition for classes that result in an "F" or "W." 

Probation and Dismissal

CCP Probation

Underperforming Students will be placed on CCP probation. Underperforming students are students who meet at least one of these conditions: 

  • Has a cumulative GPA of lower than a 2.0 in the college courses taken through the CCP program.
  • Withdraws from, or receives no credit for, two or more courses in the same term. (Withdrawing from a course occurs when the student dis-enrolls from a course after the 14th calendar day of the course start date)

 A student on CCP Probation may enroll in no more than one college course and the student may not enroll in a college course in the same subject in which the student earned a grade of D or F or for which the student received no credit.
If the student does not abide by probation limitations, CPS will notify the student and the student’s parent that the student will be responsible for paying all tuition, fees, and textbook costs. That student is also then considered an ineligible student and is dismissed from the CCP program in the next term.

If the student on CCP Probation takes one course and the grade raises the student's cumulative GPA to a 2.0 or higher, the student is removed from CCP Probation and may participate in the program without restrictions.
Students on CCP probation who do not raise their cumulative college GPA above a 2.0 will be dismissed from the CCP program.

CCP Dismissal

CPS is responsible for dismissing an ineligible student from the CCP program. The school must promptly notify the student, the student’s parent, and each college or university in which the student is enrolled.

Any student on CCP Dismissal may not take any college courses through the program. If the student had already registered for college courses prior to being dismissed, the student will request each college to dis-enroll the student from the courses.
If the student fails to dis-enroll, CPS will promptly notify the student and the student's parent that the student will be responsible for paying all tuition, fees, and textbooks costs. The student will continue to be on CCP Dismissal for an additional term.

Appeals Process

  1. A student may appeal to the district the CCP Dismissal or prohibition from taking a course in the same subject in which the student earned a grade of “D” or “F” or for which the student received no credit.
  2. The student must request an appeal within five business days after being notified of the CCP Dismissal or the CCP Probation that prohibits the student from taking a course in the same subject.

To appeal your CCP Probation or Dismissal, please fill out this Appeals form. CPS will issue a decision within 10 business days. 

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