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Cincinnati Public Schools provides several interactive career-planning tools to help students discover individual strengths, skills and career interests, which assists students in selecting high schools and future careers.

Self-discovery is a critical component of college and career readiness. Career-planning tools let students learn what career options match their skills and interests, and to identfy the level of education and training required. This information helps students and families choose high schools that best meet students' plans for the future. (CPS students select which high schools to attend; high schools are not assigned based on a student's home address.)

The following career-planning tools are accessible from any computer with Internet access:

Ohio Career Information Services (OCIS) — grades 6-12

An annually updated, comprehensive career and educational guidance system, OCIS provides information and exploration tools. With OCIS, it is easy to navigate between occupational information, the related programs of study and training, and the schools that offer the training anywhere in Ohio or the United States.

Kuder Career Planning System (KCPS)

An online career assessment system, KCPS provides a comprehensive, research-based approach to career exploration, planning, and development. It is brief and user-friendly, and its results — based on extensive research — are highly reliable.

Other tools:

Career and Workforce Readiness Program

CPS Career ExpoMy Tomorrow is all about career-readiness: preparing students for the careers of today and getting them ready to take ownership of the careers of tomorrow.

The Career and Workforce Readiness Program is a building block of our career-readiness focus. The Career and Workforce Readiness Program was developed in partnership with Leadership Action team, a program of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce, to ensure students develop into proactive, proficient, professionals. The program will be implemented in eight CPS schools during the 2016-17 school year, with more to follow in coming years.

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