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Career Readiness

Preparing Students for a World of Opportunities

Today’s students are the region’s future employees … and our future entrepreneurs. To prepare our students for the opportunities ahead, we are helping students gain relevant skills and understand the expectations of the workplace. But it’s about more than just covering the bases of what students need to know before entering the workforce. We also want our students to be inspired by professionals and find the careers that spark their passion. That’s why we are expanding our career readiness initiatives this year. We are embedding more career readiness pieces into our curriculum and offering more experiences that reflect real-world situations. Because it’s not enough to tell our students what to expect; we need to give them the full experience.

We help students explore career options by linking them with internships, co-ops and job shadowing opportunities.

Career and Workforce Readiness Program
Our Career and Workforce Readiness Program pilot project is guiding students to become proactive, proficient, professionals.

Career Assessment
Cincinnati Public Schools provides several interactive career-planning tools to help students discover individual strengths, skills and career interests, which assists students in selecting high schools and future careers.

21st Century Skills
We are preparing our students for the jobs of today — and the future — by helping them build 21st century skills.

Career Readiness Roadmap
Starting with the fifth grade, we provide students with career-readiness activities so they gain both the expertise and the essential skills they will need to navigate the workplaces of the 21st century.

Career Readiness Competencies
We are embedding specific career readiness skills and experiences, or what we call "career readiness competencies," into our curriculum, starting with seventh grade. From goal setting and public speaking to networking and proposal writing, we are creating a structure on which to expand these skills, year after year.

Career Clubs
We are creating Career Clubs to foster exploration in the careers that interest students.

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