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Career-Based Learning

Preparing Students for a World of Opportunities

Today’s students are the region’s future employees, entrepreneurs, and business and community leaders. To be successful in our global and connected society, students need to graduate high school with more than traditional academic knowledge. They need to be able to solve problems, adapt to changing conditions, and communicate effectively.

CPS is expanding our career readiness initiatives by infusing our curriculum with opportunities and experiences for students to discover what careers they may be interested in, experience what to expect and what’s expected of them in the workforce, and to be inspired by the professionals and mentors they meet along the way.

High school is a critical time for students to uncover their passions and start to plan how they can make their post-high school dreams reality. Grades 10 and 11 have several important events and milestones.

Grade 10 – Business Training Center

Students will build the foundation for success in the workplace — no matter what or where that future workplace may be by developing soft skills. Those soft skills include:

  • Professionalism, critical thinking and problem solving 
  • Communication, team work, and cultural competency
  • Ethics, actions, and accountability 
  • Managing self

Grade 11 – Career and Workforce Readiness Program

Throughout grade 11, students will participate in lessons on resume writing, build on the communication and teamwork competencies from grade 10, and learn about the qualities that can help them stand out in a crowded job market. 

Students in grade 11 will also experience four career-based milestones with local business professionals to develop career awareness, explore career opportunities and gain essential skills:

The Career and Workforce Readiness Program for students in grade 11 is an initiative of the Business-Education Connectivity Council (BECC), a partnership between CPS and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Action Team.

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