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Digital Curriculum

Infusing Technology Throughout a Child’s Learning Journey

Our world is increasingly moving online, from how we communicate with friends to how we interact in the workplace. Our students must gradate with the skills and knowledge to access the digital world, so we are infusing technology throughout every student’s learning journey.

With My Tomorrow, we are making digital devices available to students to ensure our students have exposure to the devices they may encounter in college and the workplace. We are moving more lessons online to mirror the college and workplace experiences. We are intent on teaching students not just how to use technology, but how to become good digital citizens.

At every step, our teachers are there as guides and role models, teaching our students how to use technology and online information to develop learning skills that will serve our students throughout their lifetime.

Digital Devices
Providing each student with a laptop (1-to-1 laptops) in grades 7-12 - with some limited take-home programs - gives our students access to our growing library of online digital curricula. It is giving them a leg-up on the skills they will need when they get to college and the workplace.

Digital Curriculum
We are expanding our digital curriculum by moving more content online. A whole portfolio of digital lessons in all content areas is available at our high schools, and we are building our library of digital curriculum for students in grades K-6. All of our digital lessons are designed to use technology to spark excitement and engagement.

So what does this mean for students? The digital curriculum is personalizing learning for our students, encouraging them to explore, connect and grow beyond the classroom. More students are accessing their lessons online — from home, a computer lab or even the classroom.

Digital curriculum is also opening up access to courses that are not available to students in their schools. We are using technology and digital curriculum to develop Advanced Placement blended-learning courses to provide more students with access to this important college prep coursework. And students are able to take more advanced courses through distance learning and the availability of online lessons. For example, elementary students at Hyde Park School took an Algebra course from a teacher at Walnut Hills High School via distance learning in the 2014-15 school year.

Digital Citizenship
Digital citizenship means in part that students understand how to use technology, how to navigate online, how to communicate effectively, what their legal rights are and how to protect themselves from harm. Teaching digital citizenship is critical because our students will be expected to do more online in the college classroom, in the workplace and in their personal lives. We are helping students learn how to access a wealth of knowledge, how to interact in online settings, how to determine if information is factual and how to protect their online privacy.

Protecting Your Child's Online Privacy

We are teaching our students how to access the wealth of knowledge on the Internet, and how to protect their online privacy and reputation in the process.

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