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Blended Learning

Blended Learning – Online Education Joins Traditional

Blended Learning

Offering Cincinnati Public Schools’ students a rigorous combination of face-to-face classroom instruction with online technology-rich lessons prepares students to graduate as 21st-century learners. The strength of such “blended learning” is that it turns traditional passive methods of teaching and learning into interactive experiences — for students who likely already are tech-savvy outside of school and eager to delve into the online world.

Simply, blended learning uses the power of online learning to enhance classroom instruction and student learning.

Our students still come to school for classes, but more of the instruction and content is delivered online, allowing students some control over timing, pace and place of learning.

Blended learning also offers opportunities for more data collection and for customization to fit students’ individual needs.

CPS’ Blended Learning tools include:

  • Google Apps for Education (Grades 7-12) — A web-based suite of programs, with all services accessible from any Internet connection (school, home, phone, etc.), reducing the need for flash drives and home access to network drives; allows easy access to shared documents and files among teachers and students, so assignments can be turned in electronically and collaboration is easy on projects.
  • Schoology Learning Management System (Grades 7-12) — Offers teachers an online platform to deliver class materials, assignments and assessments to students on electronic devices. 

  • Apex Learning (Grades 7-12) — One of the nation’s leading providers of blended and virtual learning solutions, it provides rigorous coursework to prepare students for college and careers; can be used for course credit, credit recovery and tutorials.
  • ALEKS - Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (Grades 7-8) — A Web-based assessment and learning system that uses adaptive questioning to determine what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course, then provides instruction where needed.

  • Easy Tech (Grades K-8) — A technology-literacy program with lessons, activities, games, journals, discussions and quizzes to introduce our youngest students to academic technology.

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