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Roll Hill School

Vision 2020: Technology-Based Learning Program

Introduced for the 2017-18 school year for students in grades K-6, students will learn how to confidently navigate the digital era. Technology is woven into traditional classroom instruction to further engage learning and build skills needed in the real world. As our students become coders, web designers, movie makers and more, they will transform from users of technology to creators of media—and owners of their future.

One benefit is the new Interactive Learning in Future Endeavors (iLife) Lab, which will put the devices and programs that are powering in-demand careers into the hands of our students.

What Does This Mean for Students?

Roll Hill School helps students succeed academically through a supportive learning environment that involves parents and members of the community.

The vision at Roll hill is one of educational excellence for all. Roll Hill means:

R – Reaching each individual’s highest academic potential to meet or exceed state standards.
O – Opening the minds of students so they are comfortable exploring, discovering and developing risk-taking and problem-solving skills.
L – Learning takes place in a safe and orderly environment.
L – Leading all students in a variety of rigorous instructional approaches.
H – Helping all children learn at their own developmental level.
I – Involving parents, community members and staff to support student success.
L – Looking through the window of data-based assessments to measure, monitor and increase student knowledge and growth.
L – Leaving students with a love of learning for life.

Roll Hill School students will benefit from:

  • An iLife Lab with cutting-edge technology that allows students to work seamlessly in the virtual and real worlds
  • Tablets for every student in grades K-1 and laptops for every student in grades 2-6
  • Fundamental skill building in digital citizenship, computer parts, software and keyboarding
  • Quarterly projects that focus on computer applications, coding, graphics/animation/CADD/web design and digital technology
  • Project-based learning opportunities that exercise students’ creativity, research and presentation skills, while teaching them how to work together

To enroll your child in Roll Hill Academy, call (513) 363-4000.

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