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Plan Modifications - June 28, 2004

Modifications made to Segment 1 & 2

This information may be outdated; it is preserved here as a historical record.

A school district's enrollment can vary for a variety of reasons, including resident live birth rates in the city, population migration, student retention and housing changes. To assure that school districts do not over or under build, the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) revisits their enrollment projections at the beginning of each segment of the four-segment Facilities Master Plan (FMP).

The FMP originally was designed to provide enough space for a projected enrollment of 42,165 students. In October 2003, CPS and the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) began a review of the plan in preparation for launching Segment 2. The district’s enrollment was found to be dropping faster than predicted, so several revisions to downsize the plan were considered. CPS and the OSFC want to avoid building excess space, which is costly to maintain.

CPS and OSFC agreed to develop a plan for 38,900 students, with assurances from CPS’ administration that the enrollment trend should reverse with the continued rise in student academic performance, the opening of new and renovated school buildings, and the aggressive communication and marketing of district improvements.

Based on this new enrollment projection, the Board of Education adopted the scope of work for Segment 2 of the four segment, 10-year FMP and modified the projects within Segment 1. The $985-million plan will provide new or fully renovated buildings for all CPS students.

The approved changes to building size in Segment 1 amount to 850 fewer classroom seats:

  • Hays — 450-student school, down from 550
  • Porter — Moved into Segment 4 (eliminating 450 seats)
  • Washington Park — 450-student school, down from 650
  • Windsor/Douglass — 550-student school, down from 650

The approved changes to buildings set for Segment 2 amount to 350 fewer classroom seats:

  • Jacobs — 550-student elementary school, down from 650
  • Oyler — 450-student school, down from 650
  • Parker — 450-student school, down from 650
  • Central Fairmount — 550-student school, up from 450
  • Hughes Center — 1,400-student school, up from 1,350

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