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My Tomorrow*ed

Empowering Students to Pursue the Careers of Their Choice

At the start of the 2014-2015 school year, CPS launched My Tomorrow*ed, a bold vision that, within six years, all seventh-graders graduate prepared to actively pursue their chosen career paths.

To meet this challenge, we are embedding more career readiness skills in content areas, integrating more technology into our classrooms, giving students more tools to chart their career pathways and build their social and emotional skills, and lining up more resources to support our teachers in this effort.

Throughout their journey with us, CPS students are building the skills they need to take ownership of their futures, lead in the workplace, impact their communities and engage in a constantly evolving global economy. CPS students will graduate with a transcript based on real measures, ready for the real world and prepared to follow their chosen career paths.  

Our approach is supported by:

  • Advisory and Guidance to keep students connected with school and their peers
  • Playbook to help students envision and plan for their futures
  • One-to-one digital devices and digital lessons to prepare students for the digital world/global economy
  • Innovative teachers to make lessons relevant and keep students engaged
  • A rigorous curriculum to prepare students for college
  • Advanced Placement courses to provide early college coursework and credit
  • Enrichment opportunities to encourage continued growth
  • College and professional career experiences to connect students with their future workforce
  • Community service opportunities to teach students responsible citizenship

My Tomorrow Beliefs

We share a common set of beliefs that drive our My Tomorrow mission. We believe:

  • Each student can develop a plan for college and/or a career.
  • Each student can meet or exceed higher expectations.
  • Each student must have access to an array of rigorous courses and digital tools.
  • Each student can be educated to be a productive citizen vital to a healthy community and thriving workplace.
  • Each student’s voice should drive his/her college and/or career plan.
  • Each student is talented.
  • Each student succeeds when communities collaborate and families are engaged.
  • Each student needs social and academic skills to become a leader.
  • Each student deserves nurturing and guidance.
  • Each student succeeds when innovative programs evolve to meet changing needs.

Guiding Principles

The My Tomorrow initiative is guided by eight principles:

  1. Higher Expectations: In order for students to meet tougher learning standards and compete for increasingly demanding jobs, they must be exposed to more rigorous content and performance expectations.
  2. Engagement: The future is layered, networked and vibrant, so our students must be engaged socially, emotionally and intellectually—and at a deep level—to fully develop their talents.
  3. Collaboration: The workplace is becoming increasingly collaborative, and it will be even more so in the future. So, our students must be comfortable working in teams, sharing responsibility and making joint decisions.
  4. Real World Connections: The future holds many challenges, so our students must be exposed to real world issues and their possible solutions, while being inspired by — and even consulting with — experts from around the world.
  5. Technology: The future promises to be only more wired (and wireless) and data-driven, so our students must be able to use information and communications technology to expand their knowledge and deepen their skills.
  6. Social-Emotional Learning: In both the actual and digital realms, the future will be even more heavily networked, so our students must be able to expand their self-awareness, learn social skills and understand the hallmarks of wise choices.
  7. Critical Thinking: The future offers an abundance of information and opinion, so our students must be able to analyze, synthesize and evaluate.
  8. Creativity: The future is awash in opportunities and challenges, so our students must be able to generate new and novel ideas, conceive alternatives and view things from different perspectives.

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