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Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education Student Voice 2018-19

The CPS Board of Education is committed to hearing the voices of our most important stakeholders — our students. The Student Voice program was created to enhance leadership opportunities for CPS students. It is an opportunity for CPS students to give themselves a voice in District decisions and provide direct input to the District’s governing Board.

The Board is kicking off the first full year of the Student Voice program now that school is back in full swing.  

Student Selection

Student selection should occur in September/early October.

Selection should be based on a set of fixed criteria: No fewer than three recommendations from adults working in your school building (coach, teacher, custodian, other staff) — these recommendations should be in typed letter form.

Students should publicize the Student Voice opportunity through:

  • Fliers
  • Announcements
  • Word of Mouth.

The Board of Education will comprise a review committee to select students in the initial year. In future years, Student Voice Leaders will lead the selection process at each school.

Student Voice In-School Committees

The Student Voice Committee at each school should be comprised of 13 students:

  • Two students in each grade 7-12 (12 students total)
  • The student body president (or a student government appointee if the president is not interested in serving)

In-school committee meetings should occur once a month consistently at school (i.e., occurring on the same day & time each month). Meetings should not interrupt instruction and be held before or after school (whatever works best for each individual school).

Student Voice Inter-School Committee

The Student Voice Inter-School Committee is comprised of a representative from each high school, totaling 15 students.

The Student Voice Inter-School Committee will meet quarterly with CPS Board of Education Member Mike Moroski.

Student Voice Participation in Board Meetings

Student voice representatives will speak at two full regular business meetings of the CPS Board of Education — one in the fall and one in the spring. Ideally, they will present at these meetings as well.

Two students will attend the Policy Committee meeting each month, based on agreement with the students’ principals.

For information, email CPS Board of Education member Mike Moroski, or call (513) 337-7190.

BOE contact info

Board of Education

Mail should be directed to:
Cincinnati Public Schools
Office of the Board Members
P.O. Box 5381
Cincinnati, OH 45201-5381

Building Location:
2651 Burnet Avenue (45219)

Phyllis Davis
Board's administrative assistant
Phone: 513-363-0040     
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