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2019 Board Committees

2019 Board Committees and Organization Appointments – 1-page summary  

Audit Committee  meets 4:30 p.m., fourth Wednesday of the month (every other month)
Responsibilities: The role of the Audit Committee is to assist the Board of Education in ensuring that both external and internal audit functions and other accountability matters receive adequate oversight.

  • Brian Ross, Chair
  • Jennifer Couser
  • Jim Crosset, CLM
  • Christine Fisher
  • David Foote, CPA
  • Thomas D. Heldman, CPA
  • Daniel E. Holthaus, CPA
  • Carol Lawrence
  • Jeffrey L. Orschell
  • Clarice Warner
  • Eve Bolton, Chair (Finance Committee)
  • Melanie Bates (Finance Committee)
  • Ryan Messer (Finance Committee)

Finance Committee meets 4 p.m., third Thursday of the month
Responsibilities: All budget matters, capital and federal program expenditures and income, financial projections, treasurer’s evaluation, legislative goals, and annual audit review.

  • Eve Bolton, Chair 
  • Melanie Bates
  • Ryan Messer

Policy Committee meets 11 a.m., third Thursday of the month
Responsibilities: Review district policies and procedure revisions, and update in accordance with state law.

  • Ozie Davis, Chair
  • Melanie Bates
  • Pamela Bowers

Student Achievement Committee meets 1:30 p.m., third Thursday of the month
Responsibilities: Review proposals and issues relating to the program of study, curriculum and instruction, and human resource issues.

  • Eve Bolton, Chair
  • Ozie Davis III
  • Mike Moroski

Strategic Engagement and Planning (StEP) Committee

  • Eve Bolton
  • Pamela Bowers
  • Ryan Messer

2019 Board Organization Appointments

Activities Beyond the Classroom (ABC) Foundation

  • Ozie Davis

Business Advisory Council

  • Ryan Messer

Cincinnati Recreation Commission

  • Melanie Bates

Council of Great City Schools

  • Melanie Bates
  • Mike Moroski

Ohio School Boards Association

  • Board of Trustees / Southwest Region Executive Committee — Carolyn Jones
  • Capital Conference Planning Committee — to be appointed by OSBA
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee — to be appointed by OSBA
  • Federal Relations Network First Congressional District — Eve Bolton
  • Legislative Liaison — Ozie Davis, Mike Moroski
  • Urban School District Advisory Network — Eve Bolton

Preschool Expansion Partnership Committee

  • Ryan Messer

BOE contact info

Board of Education

Mail should be directed to:
Cincinnati Public Schools
Office of the Board Members
P.O. Box 5381
Cincinnati, OH 45201-5381

Building Location:
2651 Burnet Avenue (45219)

Phyllis Davis
Board's administrative assistant
Phone: 513-363-0040     
Fax: 513-363-0035

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