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Information about FC Cincinnati’s Proposal

In January 2018, the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education was asked by Football Club Cincinnati (FCC), a professional soccer team, to consider a land-agreement proposal that would allow FCC to use the current location of CPS’ Stargel Stadium (behind Taft IT High School) in exchange for the construction of a new stadium across the road from Taft.

The Board is committed to openness and transparency in all matters, including the discussion about this proposal.

Here you’ll find links to all correspondence between the Board of Education and FC Cincinnati.

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Media inquiries:  media@cps-k12.org.

Board Approves Updated Agreement with FC Cincinnati

Board Approves FC Cincinnati Land Agreement April 10, 2018

CPS - FC Cincinnati Term Sheet Released April 6, 2018

West End Stadium Action Items Required

April 4 Statement from the CPS Board of Education

March 21 Board Resolution Approving Offer to Exchange Property with F.C. Cincinnati

Correspondence between FC Cincinnati and the Board of Education

Community Outreach Summary Report

As part of the Board of Education's commitment to openness and transparency with the Cincinnati community regarding the FC Cincinnati proposal, the Board has compiled a summary report of its community outreach.

BOE and FC Cincinnati Community Outreach Report — March 2018

CPS Board of Education Releases Additional Results of Community Survey about FC Cincinnati Stadium Proposal

The Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education today released results of a survey the Board conducted to seek input from the Cincinnati community about the proposed FC Cincinnati Stadium. The Board appreciates the time that thousands of citizens took to provide input and to ask questions about this proposed project.

BOE FC Cincinnati Stadium Survey Results — March 2018

Press Release — Survey Results —Round 2

Board of Education Releases Results of Community Survey — February 2018

The Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education released a community survey about the proposed development of the Football Club Cincinnati Stadium in the West End. The results of the survey were released on Monday, February 26.

BOE FC Cincinnati Stadium Survey Results — February 2018

Press Release about the Survey
Press Release — Survey Results — Round 1

CPS Board of Education Community Meeting

Presentation by Jeff Berding, President and GM of FC Cincinnati

Presentation by Joshua Hardin, Athletics Manager, Cincinnati Public Schools

Statement of Jeff Berding to Board of Education

Statement of Jeff Berding, President/GM, on a potential FC Cincinnati stadium site

Board of Education Action

On January 31, 2018, the Board of Education committed to several action steps to continue public engagement in an open and transparent way, including:

  • Hold a community meeting at Taft IT High School
  • Request a presentation from FC Cincinnati on their development plans
  • Survey the community for their opinion

Letter from FC Cincinnati to CPS Board of Education

On January 22, FC Cincinnati President and General Manager Jeff Berding sent a letter to CPS Board of Education President Carolyn Jones.

On January 24, Board President Jones sent a written reply to Berding acknowledging receipt of his letter.

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