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CPS Earns Effective Status 2009-2010

In August 2010, for the first time since the state began rating public school districts a decade ago, Cincinnati Public Schools advanced to the Effective category on the Ohio Report Card.

"We are thrilled to reach this milestone," said Superintendent Mary Ronan. "It is a reflection of the hard work — and team work — of our school and central staffs, our parents and community partners, and, most of all, of our students themselves."

Effective status on Ohio Report Card

CPS attained Effective status on the Ohio Report Card through the Ohio Department of Education's (ODE) Value-Added Measure. For two years in a row, the district's 33,000-plus students achieved more than a year's worth of expected growth on their test score results. The district also met federal Adequate Yearly Progress standards on all but one of its eight student subgroups — another condition for moving to Effective.

Ronan also revealed that a third of the district's 57 schools have moved up one or two report card categories, resulting in more schools in higher ratings and fewer in the lowest rating.

In particular, she singled out the performance of the district's Excellent and Effective-rated schools. Excellent schools include College Hill Fundamental Academy, Covedale, Fairview-Clifton, Hartwell, Kilgour, Taft Information Technology High School, Schiel and Walnut Hills High School. Rated Effective are Aiken College & Career High School, Clark Montessori, Dater Montessori, Hoffman-Parham, North Avondale Montessori, Sands Montessori, SCPA, Western Hills University High School, Winton Montessori and Woodford Academy.

"This is not our final destination,
but it's a big step along the way."

Mary Ronan, Superintendent

"I am proud of all of our Excellent and Effective schools, as well as all CPS schools that improved their performance," Ronan said, "But I am especially proud of those that might formerly have been thought of as 'underdogs' because they have struggled with academic performance in the past. There are lots of 'personal bests' in these rankings."

Ronan cited as examples Hartwell and Taft Information Technology, which achieved Excellent status on the Report Card for the first time. She also noted that the district's overall performance was greatly assisted by gains made by the district's Elementary Initiative Turnaround Schools, the district's 16 lowest performing elementary schools, which have been targeted for special attention since Ronan introduced the initiative in September 2008.

Thirteen of these 16 schools — which formerly were in the lowest two categories of the state rating system — made gains in overall performance. Six of them met federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards and seven climbed one or two report card categories into Continuous Improvement.

Ronan said performance bonuses will be awarded to the principals, teachers and paraprofessionals (teachers' assistants) at the six schools that met AYP: Frederick Douglass Academy, Rockdale Academy, Roll Hill Academy, Rothenberg Preparatory Academy, Ethel M. Taylor Academy and William Howard Taft Elementary.

As a result of the success achieved so far in Cincinnati, the University of Virginia has made the CPS initiative the subject of a case study and potential national model for district administrators and principals around the country.

In announcing the Ohio Report Card results, Ronan acknowledged that "much more needs to be accomplished to achieve the levels of success that we seek for each and every student.

"This is not our final destination," she said. "But it's a big step along the way."

The district announced its results at a news conference on August 23, 2010. Although considered "unofficial" until ODE releases statewide data on Friday, August 27, the data are final and not expected to change.


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