• Volunteers are Welcome!

    We love our volunteers! From giving their time in the classroom to planning and coordinating special events to everything in between, our volunteers help make our schools a richer, stronger learning environment. Interested in learning more about how you can make a measurable difference in the lives of our students? Contact: Resource Coordinator Leslie Henry, (513) 363-7928, Parent Coordinator Lynn Nettles, (513) 363-7925, or Lynne Nettles in the FamiliesFORWARD office, (513) 363-7925.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We have many volunteer opportunities available: classroom readers, chaperones, tutors, classroom station helpers, lunchroom aides and more!

    Not sure if volunteering is for you? Check out these great reasons to give it a try:

    • National Education Administration statistics indicate that school-aged children whose parents have high levels of involvement in their schools, are more likely to earn high grades and less likely to have ever repeated a grade.
    • Make connections and gain references — volunteering is a great way to add work-related experience to your resume!
    • When students feel supported at home and at school, they develop more positive attitudes about school, have more self-confidence, and place a higher priority on academic achievement.
    • Kids develop better social skills and show improved behavior when their parents are involved at school. 
    • It sets a great example for students.
    • You will enjoy it, making a difference and helping the community feels good!