22 Credit Recovery

  • 22+ Adult Credit Recovery Diploma Program

    The 22+ Adult High School Diploma Program helps adults earn a high school diploma.

    The program is free to adults who are 22 years or older, who reside in Ohio and do not have a diploma or high school equivalence diploma.

    A 22+ Program Coordinator works with the students to develop individual plans and identify the courses and assessments needed to graduate and earn a diploma. Instructional dates and times are scheduled to meet the needs of adult learners. Participants must meet the requirements for the time of entry into the 9th grade (such as required number of credits, pass OGT/Proficiency, etc.).

    Requirements for participation:

    • Obtain official high school transcript
    • Committed to completing the program in 2 years
    • One year of full-time employment history preferred
    • Be officially accepted into the 22+ credit recovery program

    22+ Credit Recovery Adult Diploma Program is only offered at Queen City Vocational Center.


    (513) 363-6100