Facilities Rental Fee Schedule

  • CPS Building Use Rate Schedule

    For purposes of determining rates for usage of District facilities, groups applying to use District facilities will be classified into one of the following three categories:

    Group #1

    • CPS School Function

    Group #2

    • School Support Organizations
      • Organizations sanctioned by the Board whose exclusive purpose is to support the programs of the District (e.g., PTSA, PTO, PTA, Booster Clubs, OHSAA, etc.)
      • Local universities
    • Community Groups Serving School-Age Children of the District*
      • Groups that serve school-age children from the District (e.g., scouts, church youth groups, youth athletic organizations, etc.)
      • Organizations whose primary purpose is to serve the community, when a worthwhile educational, civic, or charitable purpose is served (e.g., churches, service clubs, theater groups, etc.)

    To qualify for Group #2 consideration, the renter may not charge admission to the event for which that consideration is requested, plus the renter must request and receive approval, to be included in Group #2, from the School Principal.

    Group #3

    • Approved Money Raising Activity
      • The proceeds thereof are used for school purposes or for an approved charitable (501 (c)(3)), educational, character-building, or other community welfare purposes.
    • Other Administration Approved Activity
      • Rates to be determined.

High School Facilities

Elementary Facilities


    1. Kitchens require approval from CPS Food Services and appropriate staff.
    2. Ball field rental does not include any field preparation or equipment ( The group is responsible for cleanup). Must abide by all field manager requirements.
    3. All (CPS COST) support, light/sound, stadium lights, stage manager, custodial/building engineer, safety services and required site management charges are in addition to the rate listed.
    4. CPS COST includes custodian/building engineer, safety services and any other CPS personnel required (including light/sound, stage manager, etc.)

    Please Note

    The school is responsible for the determination and collection of any and all charges. Any overtime must be charged to an FQA associated with Building Rentals within the school’s budget. Please reach out to your accountant to provide this FQA. This FQA must be listed on the time card for the Building Engineer, Custodian or Safety Services staff on duty at the time of the event.

Overtime Charges