College Credit Plus

  • Academic Year 2022-2023 Updates to Eligibility

    The state has released the following guidance regarding eligibility for College Credit Plus. Eligibility does not mean a student is able to enroll in any college or CCP course. There are often additional admission requirements for coursework in English, Math, and Science, for example. Should you fit any of the below descriptions - you can consider if College Credit Plus is a good fit to meet your goals:

    • Option 1: Students in grades 7-12 and has a 3.0 + GPA 
    • Option 2: Student is in grades 7-12 and has a 2.75-2.99 GPA & a "B" or better in relevant coursework (i.e. "B" In 2 years of High School English to take English at the college level) 
    • Option 3: Student is in grades 7-12 and has a college ready test score (this could include one of the following: ACT English Score of 18, Reading score of 22, or Math Score of 22) Other tests include SAT & Accuplacer
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