Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

  • CPS Transportation Department has developed a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to help our families, students and staff navigate our bus resources and services. Please review before calling our Transportation Hotline or emailing our team as you may find your answer faster. While the FAQs listed below may not include every question, please email your suggestions so we can continue to improve our service to our entire school community. 

    To speed up the process, CPS has automated the request for Alternative Stop Request and Deviated Childcare Request Form. Please click on the button below to submit electronically.

    (Alternative Stop & Deviated Childcare Request Forms cannot be processed earlier than 10 school days. If after 10 school days you have not received an acceptance or denial notification by email or phone contact the CPS Call Center Hotline.)

    trAnsportation inquiry form

Find My Bus - Yellow Bus

  • How Do I Find My Bus Route On PowerSchool?

Find My Bus - Metro

  • How do I look-up Metro Routes and/or download the Transit App?

General Transportation FAQs

  • General - How do I contact CPS Transportation Department for assistance?

  • General - How can I check whether my request for a change in service has been approved?

  • General - Why doesn't my child have transportation services?

  • Yellow Bus - If I'm from a non-public or charter school, how do I request transportation service?

  • Yellow Bus - Where can I find my child's route information and pick up/drop off times?

  • Yellow Bus - Where can I get the form needed to change existing transportation services?

  • Yellow Bus - How can I change where my child is picked up or dropped off?

  • Yellow Bus - Do you have technology that would allow me to see where the bus is located or when it will arrive? It's late or it never showed up.

  • Yellow Bus - How can I get help with MyStop app?

  • Yellow Bus - How can I find my password or reset my password for the MyStop app?

  • Metro - Can a student in Grades 7 or 8 choose Metro bus as their primary bus transportation provider instead of yellow bus?

  • Metro - How do I access Metro information, look-up Routes, download the Transit App, or contact CPS directly?

  • Metro - How will I receive my child's Metro pass?

  • Metro - How do I get an extracurricular Metro Pass for my 7th or 8th grader?

  • Metro - Can a student in Grades 7 & 8 ride METRO to and from instruction with their live-in sibling and/or caretaker who are students in Grades 9-12 and attend the same school?