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  • CPS Leads in School Nutrition

    Cincinnati Public Schools is recognized in Ohio and the nation as a leader in school nutrition. For the last five years in a row, CPS Student Dining Services Department received a Champion of School Breakfast Award from the Ohio Department of Education.

    CPS Student Dining Services Department was also a recipient of the USDA Turnip the Beet Bronze Level Award in 2021 and the Silver Level Award in 2022.

    Good nutrition is important to learning. Children behave better, have longer attention spans and are more eager to learn when they eat healthy meals. Student Dining Services wants to make sure that all of CPS' students are ready to focus on their lessons every day.

    The stigma of the "traditional school lunch" is challenging to overcome, but Student Dining Services is working hard to provide exciting menu options, new marketing initiatives, and improve food choice and quality. Their goal is to provide restaurant-style food that meets nutritional guidelines.

    "We want to be the premier provider of nutritious, low-cost, delicious meals so that students don't feel they have to eat school lunch, but that they want to eat school lunch."

    —Jessica Shelly, Director of Student Dining Services

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