• Gifted Identification Procedures and Enrichment Information


    The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) defines a gifted student as one who performs or shows potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment in one of the gifted areas. To be identified, the student must be assessed using one of the instruments approved by ODE and must score in a defined range. 

    Cincinnati Public Schools is committed to providing gifted enrichment opportunities through a variety of formats. CPS ensures there will be equal opportunities for all students identified as gifted to receive opportunities offered by the district for which the student meets the criteria. Learn more about the Gifted and Exceptional Magnet Programs on the East Side and West Side.

    The Spencer Center or Cheviot Gifted Academy

    Opportunities for assessment are offered multiple times per year in the following areas:

    • Superior Cognitive
    • Reading
    • Math
    • Creative Thinking
    • Visual and Performing Arts

    Application for Early Entrance to Kindergarten: APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY APRIL 15th

Referral and Assessment Processes

  • Forms

  • Referral Process

  • Screening and Assessment

  • Reassessment

  • Gifted Services

  • Transfer Students

  • Written Education and Acceleration Plans

  • Resources For More Information

  • Contact Information

    Cincinnati Public Schools
    Department of Student Services
    2651 Burnet Avenue
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

    Jessica Boswell — Gifted Services Manager
    Department of Student Services
    (513) 363-0302 

    Mandy Cole — Gifted Lead Teacher
    Department of Student Services
    (513) 363-0300