Information Technology

  • In our knowledge-based economy, information technology is an in-demand field. Our Information Technology programs can open many doors for students. These programs are ideal for students who:

    • Enjoy learning about and using new technology
    • Enjoy creating or designing things
    • Are good at solving problems

    We offer four programs:

    • Cybersecurity — Taft Information Technology High School
    • Information Support and Services — Taft Information Technology High School
    • Interactive Media — Taft Information Technology High School
    • Programming and Software Development — Hughes STEM High School


students working on devices
  • Hughes STEM High School/Gamble Montessori High School

    The Programming and Software Development program allows students to apply principles of computer programming and software development in order to code; build, test and debug programs; create finished products; and plan, design, develop, implement and support software applications. This unique program at Hughes has a partnership with the University of Cincinnati so that students earn college credit while in high school. 

    Taft Information Technology High School

    The Cybersecurity program allows students to learn the components of cybersecurity and the role each plays in preventing, detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities and attacks. Components include the security of the network infrastructure, security of the systems, and the prevention, detection, and mitigation of common vulnerabilities and attacks. Students examine and implement security safeguards for desktop, network, and application security.

    Taft's Information Support and Services program provides students with a basic foundation in and fluency for careers in Information Technology. Students build levels of mastery in system implementation, computer systems and software, technical assistance, and information systems management. Through best practices and training, our students gain the foundational, analytical and problem-solving skills needed in today's business industries. This program offers opportunities that can lead to being recognized as a certified technical professional.

    To prepare students for today's competitive market, the Interactive Media program provides a strong foundation in arts and communication with particular emphasis on 2D and 3D graphics, media communications, interactive technologies and project development. Levels of mastery are gained in media design and interactive media processes through best practices to help advance our students' technical, creative and analytical skills. Our students learn the use of multiple tools and experiences in multimedia design, Internet technology, Website development, computer 2D and 3D graphics, digital media production, and animation and sound.

    Careers available in the Information Technology pathways include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Application Developer
    • Application Support Specialist
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data Entry
    • Database Administrator
    • Database Designer
    • Digital Content Editor
    • Graphic Designer
    • Help Desk
    • Mobile Application Developer
    • Social Media Specialist
    • Software Engineer
    • Systems Administrator
    • Video Game Developer
    • Web Designer
    • Desktop Support
    • Application Support Specialist
    • Computer Support Specialist
    • Field Service Technician
    • Help Desk Technician
    • Help Desk Manager
    • IT Security Specialist
    • Network Technician
    • CyberSecurity Technician
    • PC Support Technician
    • Product Support Engineer
    • Software/Applications Support
    • Technical Support Specialist

    Salary: $54,000–$164,000

    Visit Ohio Means Jobs to learn more about Ohio Average Yearly Pay (*U.S. average)

    Industry-recognized Credentials

    There are a number of industry-recognized credentials for this career area. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following:

    See a full list of Ohio Department of Education approved credentials for this career area.

    For more information, call or email Michael Turner, Career and Technical Education Manager, at (513) 363-0383.