• Reading is not just a fundamental skill; it is a gateway to endless possibilities and knowledge. It opens up new worlds, sparks imagination, and fosters critical thinking. Recognizing the immense importance of instilling a love for reading in students, CPS has embarked on a mission to make reading not only educational but also enjoyable for its students. 

    Understanding that cultivating a passion for reading at a young age lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning, CPS has implemented the Read Across CPS Initiatives to engage students and ignite their enthusiasm for books.

    Throughout the month of March, CPS will be bringing the enjoyment of reading directly to the students with authors such as Annie Ruth, The Dye Brothers and Tracy Blom visiting classrooms and teaching students about the wonders of reading! 

    Looking to get involved yourself? Join us in celebrating Read Across CPS this March by sharing the magic of reading with our students. We invite you to submit short videos, under 5 minutes, of you reading your favorite grade-school-appropriate books. Let's inspire a love for reading and ignite imaginations together! 

    Submit a Video Here!

Read Across CPS
Read Across CPS in Action!