• We are a community of students, educators, families, staff, and citizens working together to provide high-quality learning and equitable opportunities that make lifelong learning and true sustainable economic mobility possible for each of our students.


  • Cincinnati Public Schools will be a system of excellent schools where each and every student is valued, supported, empowered, and prepared to pursue their fullest potential.


  • Families and communities will be full partners and decision-makers

    • Educators and others committed to the goals and willing to meet the challenges of public schools in an urban environment will choose CPS as their career home of service and advancement

    Our graduates will be highly sought after

    • Highly sought after by universities, employers and military
    • Access direct pathways to fields that offer genuine economic mobility and build general wealth

    Our district will be fiscally sound and financially stable

    Our district will be nationally recognized for:

    • Its innovation, cultural inclusivity and responsiveness to the needs of our students, staff, and all stakeholders with whom we interact
    • Its operational efficiency and fiscal responsibility
    • Embracing students' cross-cultural identities in the learning experience
    • Indicidualized support and success for the whole student - Success for students is not defined soley through test results, but is unniquely defined for each student
    • Among these other attributes, its commitment to green sustainability

    Our district will partner with the region's economic, political, and cultural decision-makers