Program Highlights

  • Supporting young children and families for lifelong learning

    Cincinnati Public Schools provides high-quality preschool programs and collaborative services to support young children and families for lifelong learning. We recognize that all children can learn and that preschool children learn best through playful interaction with people and learning materials. Our programs provide nurturing environments to stimulate children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

    Cincinnati Public Schools’ preschool programs offer:

    • More than 50 years experience providing the highest-quality free and affordable programs aimed at preparing young children for success in kindergarten and beyond
    • More than 141 preschool classrooms in 45 sites spread around the 91-square-mile district
    • Professional educators with bachelor's or master's degrees in education
    • One adult is assigned for every 10 children in each preschool classroom.
    • Half-day and full-day programs offered at magnet and neighborhood schools
    • Healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks provided
    • Curriculum that goes beyond academics to develop social-emotional skills, physical well-being and healthy practices
    • Safe play areas are designed for fun physical activity, social interactions and development of motor skills.
    • Hands-on activities to meet each child’s needs and interests.
    • Technology, discovery stations, teacher-directed lessons, and art and music
    • Encouragement for families to be involved
    • Early Childhood Family Community Coordinators to assist families to connect to community resources
    • Community-based activities to support families and children
    • Access to school-based Health Centers, school nurses and other school-based support group.
    • A number of community partners who provide a range of services and experiences for our students. Our Community Partners:

    Preschool Family Calendar

    Keep track of your students' school dates with our downloadable/printable 2023-2024 Preschool Family Calendar.