Early Entrance to Kindergarten

  • Purpose 

    Early Entrance to kindergarten is typically addressed under the district acceleration and gifted policy. Early entrance should be viewed as a means of meeting a child’s needs. Developmental readiness is the key to determining whether or not early entrance is appropriate. Even though a child may have a great deal of ability, s/he/they may not be ready for kindergarten. Social maturity, personal development and motor development are important factors for a child’s success in school. 
    Early entrance is designed for the exceptional child who is both academically ready as well as developmentally mature when compared to others his/her/they chronological age. This opportunity is designed as a measure to meet individual differences in school readiness. Thus, a child must be functioning as many as 18 months above his or her chronological age with superior ratings in these areas. 


    The Early Entrance Evaluation process follows Cincinnati Public Schools Board Policy 5410- Promotion, Academic Acceleration, Placement, and Retention 


    Early Entrance to kindergarten may be available for a child whose fifth birthday falls on or between October 1st and December 31st of the Early Entrance year. Students with a birthday that falls after December 31 of the Early Entrance year in question will be addressed on a case by case basis.   No district shall admit a child to the first grade if they have not successfully completed kindergarten.  

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