• SCPA Audition Criteria Letter for the 2022-23 School Year

    Dear Applicant and Family,

    Thank you for your interest in auditioning for The School for Creative and Performing Arts. Please note the action items below: 

    A fully completed 2022-23 SCPA Application and all supporting materials must be received by March 21, 2022 before your child can be scheduled for an audition. If you are an out-of-district student (the student does not live within the Cincinnati Public Schools district), a $25 application fee payment must be received in the form of cash or money order payable to SCPA. 

    SCPA student working on arts projectSCPA is a K-12 pre-professional arts and academic college preparatory school. Artistically, we prepare students for continued university and conservatory studies, apprenticeships, and/or professional experience. Academically, we prepare students for continued college and university studies in the humanities, liberal arts and sciences. In addition to serving a student population with traditional needs, SCPA serves students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and students who have been identified by CPS as gifted and talented. Through meticulous attention to both artistic and academic development, we provide all our students with a very unique educational opportunity. Please review the information in this packet carefully and be sure to submit all requested materials. 

    Criteria for Acceptance into SCPA:

    • Demonstration of artistic talent and ability in one or more of the seven artistic disciplines in the SCPA curriculum. Artistic talent is evaluated by SCPA artistic faculty members.
    • Demonstration of exemplary school behavior, discipline and attendance at the applicant’s current and former schools.
    • Demonstration of a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward learning and an ability to work cooperatively with others.

    SCPA Admission Process for Students Entering Grades K-3
    Parents of students in K-3, interested in enrolling for the 2022-23 School Year, please visit the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education Website for more information.

    SCPA Admission Process for Students Entering Grades 4-12

    Step 1: To obtain the preparation packet, visit the SCPA website. Select the Enrollment tab.

    Step 2: Complete and submit the application and all supporting materials by March 21, 2022. Please note, the following supporting materials will be needed in order to complete the application: (1) Birth certificate; (2) Two Teacher Recommendations (a link to request one academic recommendation and one artistic recommendation will appear on the application); (3) Proof of residency (i.e. most recent utility bill, lease agreement or mortgage statement); (4) Proof of legal guardianship (if applicable); and (5) Recent photograph or head shot of your child. The out-of-district/state students must submit a $25.00 application fee payment made in the form of cash or money order payable to SCPA (currently we are not able to accept payment online, payment should be brought in/mailed to the school). 

    Step 3: After receipt of your completed application and payment, if applicable, the school will notify you by email of your exact audition date and time (please ensure your email address is correct on the application. If you do not list an email address, we will contact you by phone and then mail). Students will be scheduled for audition dates and times based on school availability. 

    Step 4: The Audition Preparation Packet supporting material (i.e. visual art portfolio) must be completed and brought with you to the audition, unless otherwise stated. Please be on time for your audition. Students who arrive late for the audition will not be able to audition. Students who miss their audition will need to wait to audition for the following school year. This will require the student to (1) complete and submit the new application form, (2) submit all of the supporting materials and (3) audition again in person at the school for the next school year. 

    Step 5: Students will audition for the SCPA artistic faculty. Parents are not permitted in the audition area. Parents will have the opportunity to meet in the school theater with the SCPA Principal and SCPA Artistic Director. They will review the audition procedure with parents and give an overview of school curriculum and policies. 

    Step 6: SCPA will notify students by email and in writing of the audition result within 6 weeks after the audition date. In-district students will be accepted to SCPA or not accepted to SCPA. Out-of-district students will be notified by email and in writing if they have passed or did not pass the SCPA audition. Passing the audition does not guarantee an acceptance into the school. Out-of-district students must also be accepted through the Out-of-district Open Enrollment Process handled by CPS. Applications for Out-of-district Open Enrollment will be available May 1-31, 2022. If accepted through the CPS Out-of-district Open Enrollment, a letter of acceptance will be sent on behalf of CPS specifying what steps need to be taken to enroll your child.

    Step 7: If accepted to SCPA, the parent/guardian will be sent an acceptance email with instructions on how to register your child. The parent/guardian must fully complete the registration.

    Step 8: Both the online registration forms and the student/parent SCPA contract must be completed by the parent/guardian in order for the student to be registered at the school. A reasonable deadline for completion will be identified. If the parent/guardian does not complete and return the registration packet by the deadline, the child may forfeit his/her eligibility to become an SCPA student. 

    Step 9: If the student is not accepted during the current school year, he or she may audition again the following school year. SCPA requires submission of all new applications and supporting materials each year. 

    Upcoming Audition Dates:
    We must have received your completed application and all supporting materials by March 21, 2022, 11:59PM EST in order for you to be scheduled for any 2022-23 school year auditions.

    Important Notes:

    • There are (7) Artistic Departments at The School for Creative and Performing Arts: Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Technical Theater (Scenic, Lighting, and Costuming,) Visual Arts, and Vocal Music.
    • Students entering Grades 4-6 are required to audition in all talent areas (except Technical Theater).
    • Students entering Grades 7-12 are only required to audition in one category but may audition for all categories.
    • Students may audition only once during a school year.
    • Students who are not accepted to SCPA may re-apply and audition again the following academic school year. 
    • In-district students receive priority of acceptance over all out-of-district/state applicants.
    • CPS allows students who live outside the CPS district's boundaries (but in Ohio) to enroll in CPS schools without paying tuition. Students who reside outside of Ohio are required to pay tuition.  Please contact CPS about tuition costs.
    • In addition to this SCPA audition, out-of-district families must submit a CPS Open Enrollment Application with Cincinnati Public Schools May 1-31, 2022.  Families may obtain information regarding CPS open enrollment applications from the Cincinnati Public Schools website
      Due to the rise in Covid cases, we are forced to restructure our audition process. We will no longer have in-person auditions at the school and we will now have virtual auditions.  Please see below how to submit your child's portfolio and video audition. All audition submissions must be received by 4:00pm (EST)  April 1st. Please note, you must have first completed your application in order for your child's audition video to be considered.



    Please continue to refer to the audition preparation packet for audition requirements for each artistic major (see below for exceptions). Video record your submissions (per artistic discipline) and send them to SCPAAuditions@cpsboe.k12.oh.us. Art portfolios, Creative Writing pieces and the Technical Theater questionnaire should be sent (non-video format) to SCPAAuditions@cpsboe.k12.oh.us as well. The deadline for video submissions and portfolios is April 1st by 4:00pm (EST).

    Video Submission Guidelines:

    • Grades 4-12 portfolios and virtual audition video(s) must be submitted by April 1st, 4:00pm.
    • The submissions should be labeled as follows: student name, entering grade, art discipline (i.e. Jane Doe, grade 8, Dance).  Portfolios and/or Videos that do not have the child’s name, entering grade and artistic area will not be accepted and will be returned for resubmission.
    • The length of each video submission should not exceed 2 minutes, per artistic discipline.
    • Review the videos for audio and display quality before submitting them.
    • Please do not send files that expire or require a password request.