• At Pleasant Hill, we focus on teaching students the 21st century skills they will need to get a leg up on their future careers. Our focus on collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving and hands-on outdoor learning are enhanced by our environmental science and community focus. Our science focus is providing students with the skills to navigate a dynamic world.

    4-H Agri-Science Program
    Pleasant Hill students holding beans

    Our partnership with the Ohio State 4-H Program is providing our students with a world-class investment in their future: a college scholarship.

    Learning is brought to life through the 4-H (Heart, Head, Hands, Health) agri-science curriculum, provided by The Ohio State University Extension. The program introduces a new generation of students to the world of agri-science though STEM education. Agriculturally based examples are used to teach science in a hands-on way in the classroom. Elementary students are offered a broader understanding of where their food comes from and the wide array of career opportunities available in the food and agricultural industries. The students learn about food, nutrition and related topics through an array of learning activities. The 4-H portion of 4-H agri-science in the city provides classroom instruction as a complement to regular coursework; afterschool and summer programs, including a 4-H community club program for interested students; and the participation of parents and community members to support the effort.

    Demonstration Classroom

    As part of the My Tomorrow initiative, CPS created Demonstration Classrooms in six of its buildings—of which Pleasant Hill is one. The class is located in room 2008. The students have the opportunity to work with iPads, tablets and laptops. Ms. Belinda Freeman and Ms. Joelle McConnell (a demonstration coach) will co-teach the class. Students benefit from lower teacher-student ratios, a deeper understanding of the lesson, improvement of student self-esteem, and improved peer and social skills. We are very fortunate to have been selected to participate in such a program!


    At Pleasant Hill, we focus on educating the whole student. Our core content subjects are complemented by the following programs.


    At Pleasant Hill Academy, we feel that art is an irreplaceable part of a student's development. Not only is our art class fun, but it is educational. As students create each project, they are introduced to many historical art events and people. Students use a wide range of mediums to sharpen their fine motor skills, cognitive development, and overall self confidence. Here at our school, we believe that getting our hands dirty and exploring different techniques is the best way for students to learn. We want our students to take pride in their accomplishments by working hard and giving each lesson their all. Through parent and teacher support, our children have grown into wonderful artists.


    Our music classes at Pleasant Hill are another component of the well-rounded education our students receive. In music class, we sing, dance, read, write, and create music, and learn about the world around us. Fifth and sixth graders also have the opportunity to expand their music education through playing band instruments.

    Physical Education

    The school's fully equipped gym serves as a great facility for physical activities of all kinds. Students in grades K-6 build strong bodies to house strong minds. Students practice baseball,basketball, gymnastics and cooperative sportsmanship.

    Computer Lab

    Students practice keyboarding and improve their computer skills by learning basic technology terms and researching information through the Internet. In addition, students are being taught how to manipulate word documents by learning different components of Microsoft Office Suites.